Wynter Kabimba’s father campaigns for Hichilema

Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general WynterKabimba’s father Philip Jameson Kabimba has said he no longer trusts PF president Michael Sata to take the presidency as he has led to the downfall of the pact with the United Party for National Development (UPND).

In an interview with the Daily Mail after a rally at Shikatende Basic School in Mwembeshi Constituency, Mr Kabimba senior said he has lost trust in Mr Sata because of his reluctance to embrace new ideas.

He said he has no personal hatred for the PF president but he is against his way of doing things which was not in line with the tenets of democracy.

“I don’t have anything against Sata but his actions are not very good. They don’t give a good example to younger people. He can make a good leader only if he remains sincere to his words and actions. Because of his failure to work with and provide advice to the younger leader (Mr Hichilema), the pact has collapsed. This is sad and Sata should know sympathisers of the pact will never forgive him,” he said.

He said it is sad that his son’s political future is in disarray following his association with Mr Sata who he said has failed to provide leadership and visionary advice, resulting in Mr Kabimba’s (Wynter) directionless political future.

Mr Kabimba senior has appealed to sympathisers of the pact to campaign for Hakainde Hichilema. He was speaking earlier at the public rally addressed by Mr Hichilema.

Mr Kabimba senior, who spoke in his Sala dialect to the delight of the crowd which braved the rains, said some politicians especially in the opposition can no longer be trusted as they have never stuck to their words.

“I will not make much reference to my son Wynter here because it is not necessary. What I can say is that some politicians have proved to be so untrustworthy and you don’t need to waste your votes on them,” Mr Kabimba senior said.

“The problem with you people in the current generation is that you don’t want to heed advice from your elders. I have always told my sons that it is important to seek parental consent, especially when going into politics. You need advice on which path to take.

“The problem is you think you already know everything and cannot be advised. This is wrong. Look at Wynter’s political future. He is still young and it’s a pity that his political future is becoming unpredictable every day”, said Wynter’s father.


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