Wynther Kabimba told to shut up

Wynther Kabimba told to shut up

By Edwin Sakala

We have observed with regret that, of late, this Winter Kabimba, Secretary General of the ruling patriotic Front (PF), has been intruding on jobs which are not his. For example, he has been responding to issues which government spokesperson should have responded to state government positions on those issues. In the end has angered a lot of people.

We don’t know the capacity in which Mr. Kabimba speak when responding to issues he respond especially those which borders on policies and affect the nation. We therefore demand that, Mr. Kabimba categorically state the position in which he speaks before we accuse him of masquerading as government spokesperson.

We have been forced to question the capacity in which Kabimba speak because there is a separation between government and the party in power. Unlike in the past, today we have a ministry which represents government interest. Party spokesperson has nothing to do with government activities and cannot pop his nose in government affairs without being termed a masquerader.

Mr. Kabimba, as a lawyer should have known better that, assuming some else’s duty is crime punishable under the laws of Zambia. Unless, he tells us that, the coming of the PF government dissolved the law which separated the party in power from government activities, we shall continue to hold that each time Kabimba speak on behalf of government, Mr. Kabimba masquerades as a government spokesperson and we are right to call him a masquerader because we know that he is no where near government activities. All we know is that, he is a mere political cadre who happened to be a spokesperson of the political party he represents.

Therefore, as Zambia Direct Democracy Movement, we feel the ruling patriotic Front through its Secretary General is invading government on matters of policy. Each time Mr. Kabimba speaks on issue which does not concern him, he invades government and we shall not keep quiet because he endangers us as nation when he misrepresents government on those issues.

For example, not long ago, Mr. Kabimba annoyed the people of Barotse land when he criticized the recommendation which President Michael Sata in his own wise formed. According to Kabimba, the people president Sata appointed to make inquiries on the Mongu fracas that resulted into several others killed last year were not qualified. If the suggestions Mr. Kabimba is making are to be respected, then government abused government resources when he appointed wrong people to make inquiries whose recommendation will not be followed.

The allegations Kabimba made in his own capacity as party spokesperson should have been made by government representative to represent the interest of government. Not that Mr. Kabimba masqueraded as government spokesperson, who do we blame for the wild allegations he made against seasoned lawyers the country has had?

As though this was not enough, Kabimba attacked us when we made suggestions on how to solve problems which affect our nation today. He said the country was not ready to adapt to the idea of solving the problems of governance using federal system of governance. According to him, the population is just too little to use federal mode of democracy to solve our problems.

We have a problem with the reasoning of Mr. Kabimba because we cannot wait until the country become too big to govern to find better solution to solve our problems. Mr. Kabimba should have known or know that, the best method of resolving conflicts is to identify the problem and then look for solution. We have said it before and we are going to say it again, the problem Zambia is faced with bad governance which came with the failed multiparty democracy.

Now that we have seen the problem, what is the solution at hand? For us the solution lies in federal system of governance. We are not going to wait for the population to grow as Mr. Kabimba to make is suggestion before we make a decision to resolve the problem. Time to make a decision is now and we should not worst any more time.

It is against this background that we advise government to term Mr. Kabimba before he commit a mistake which we shall all regret in the end. We feel, if Mr. Kabimba is let to continue making these problems, it will be too late to correct the damage he will course not only in the country but to a political dispersion of the nation.

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