Xaxior Chungu secures UPND Luapula chair Chimbaka in his rigging scheme

Xaxior Chungu secures UPND Luapula chair Chimbaka in his rigging scheme

IMG_1819[1] (1) IMG_1821[1] (1) IMG_1822[1] IMG_1823[1] (1)UPND Luapula province chairman Besa Chimbaka and former intelligence chief Xavier Chungu have been holding clandestine meetings to ensure that they rig the forthcoming Presidential election in Luapula province using various methods.

According to a memo written by Chungu and intercepted by the Zambian Watchdog, government has deployed 20 operatives from the Office of President Special division (OPSD) and Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) who are going to coordinate with District commissioners and district electoral officers to ensure that they secure victory for the PF by using unlawful means.

On Sunday, 11th January, Chungu convened a meeting at the OPSD guest house in Mansa where he explained the importance of timely, accuracy and insightful information about the capabilities of the 20 operatives.

Chungu also explained some unlawful means to be employed and requested that all DCs and district election officers and all returning officers to cooperate with the 20 operatives. One of the clandestine means they are planning is to make UPND polling agents in the area who have been appointed by Chimbaka to sign the election results sheets in advance so that later they can just put some figures that will swallow the UPND votes so as to make the UPND leader to lose ‘regrettably’. This pre-signing idea was also employed in Mangango constituency election last year.

Other areas where rigging is expected to take place is North Western province where a budget of K102, 000 has been set aside for the clandestine operations while a ZAF pilot General Muma has also been incorporated into the rigging scheme.

According to a flight schedule accessed by the Zambian Watchdog, Muma’s clandestine activities began on 15th January and will end on 24th January, 2015 when he will make his last flight using a ZN Chinese chopper.

General Muma will start collecting results from polling stations on 21st January and ensure that before the opposition transmits the results, he will have taken them to the totaling centres while the OP will destabilize communication networks and it is also expected that there will be power outages in certain areas to allow some other PF accomplices to hack the Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) system.

UPND vice president Dr. Canisius Banda recently said the PF intend to rig this election.

We have a full flight schedule of how other pilots will be moving but below is the one particularly for this General Muma who is working in league with Xaviour Chungu and former Statehouse permanent secretary Kaizer Zulu.

21st January, 2015: Mbala – Nsama – Mpulungu – Kasama (Night stop, doing what?)
22nd January, 2015: kasama – Mporokoso (night stop)
23rd January, 2015: Mporokoso – Serenje (Night stop)
24th January, 2015: Serenje – Lusaka.

We challenge Chimbaka, who has of late gained a lot of trust from Hichilema to dispute this, so that we can publish a full recording of their activities.

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