Xenophobia: Hundreds of Somalians in Ndola spend night in the rain

Over two hundred Somali families in Ndola have spent a night in a garage amidst heavy rains.

The families were displaced from their houses by Police following violent riots that rocked the City of Ndola.

Watch Zambians stealing food from Somalian shops in the name of rioting here

Some of their houses have been damaged by an angry mob which was expressing anger over the shooting of a Zambian domestic worker by his Somali boss.

The Somali families have appealed for quick

intervention from the Zambian Government, saying the situation is getting out of hand.In a related development, victimization of Somali Nationals has spread to Lusaka.
Some notorious gangs are threatening and victimizing some Somalians in some parts of Lusaka.Home affairs minister Edger Lungu has told MUVI TV News that police is aware of such maneuvers and are monitoring the situation.He said it is unfair for Zambians to extend their anger to all the Somalians in Zambia.Copperbelt Police Commissioner Mary Tembo discloses that six hundred and thirty six families were moved to a garage for safety during riots that marred Ndola City.

Ms Tembo further discloses that forty two Zambians suspected to have been perpertrators of the violent riots have been detained.
Among the suspects in custody four are female.

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