Xenophobic attacks spread


The Xenophobic Riots in Lusaka have now spread to Mandevu compound in Lusaka and the areas near the Independence stadium.
Meanwhile, a cross section of people talked have blamed the government for the Xenophobic attacks that have mainly affected Rwandese.
A senior Police officer spoken to on phone and is also in the Mandevu area said the Police command has since asked for reinforcement from Sondela a paramilitary training School in Chilanga.
” Things are not getting any better. We have actually asked for beefing up of officers from Sondela” the officer said.
Meanwhile, several Lusaka residents spoken to have blamed the government for the violence.
“You know these ritual murders have been taking place for some time and government has been very quite. The Police have been very slow to act, ” one Lusaka resident who declined to bé named said.
Another person attributed the riots to frustration caused by economic hardships.
” You can not rule out economic hardships as a cause to the frustration. People want to seize every opportunity to break into shops and loot foodstuffs. This is how the food riots during the UNIP days start,” another source said.

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