YALI appeals to Sata to remove Kabimba from ZAWA board

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is appealing to President Sata to reverse the decision of his Minister of Tourism to appoint her fellow Minister, Hon Wynter Kabimba, as a member of the Zambia Wildlife Authority Board and instead consider appointing other able members of society who are less burdened with the pressures of running public affairs. Hon. Masebo’s decision to appoint her fellow Minister shows the highest degree of political patronage in the decision-making process.

We are aware that HE government had also in March last year the same Mr. Kabimba was appointed to the Zamtel Board and he was also later appointed to the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) and now the ZAWA Board. We therefore wonder if Zambia and the PF in particular short of people who can be in those boards and whether leadership is the preserve of the few people in the PF administration.

The appointing Mr. Kabimba to more than one position gives an impression that there is a serious shortage of competent human resource in ruling PF. What is so special with Mr. Kabimba that he is burdened with responsibilities of sitting on three boards in addition to his other two demanding portfolios? What extraordinary skills does one man who, no doubt is one of the powerful men in the PF administration, which cannot be found in hundreds other legal practitioners, in thousands members of the ruling PF, and in the millions other Zambians?  YALI believes that Zambia is bigger than any one of us and that even that the PF is bigger than Mr. Kabimba.

President Sata and his administration must give young people and more women a chance to work with them in the running of government as this would also prepare the youth for leadership. We note that President Sata has done a good job in appointing women to positions of authority but it is high time the appointing authority consider appointing more young Zambians to positions of responsibilities and begin to mentor them for leadership.


Isaac Mwanza

Governance Advisor

Young African Leaders Initiative

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