YALI boss celebrates death of minister Kalima

YALI boss celebrates death of minister Kalima

Discredited African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Governance Advisor Issac Mwanza seems to be toasting the death of Gender Minister Victoria Kalima, as he is now boasting that the Patriotic Front (PF) reserved the Kasenengwa seat for him.

YALI is among the organizations that stole donor funds during the 2016 fraudulent elections.

The former vibrant youth civil society organisation was run by Andrew Ntewewe, Issac Mwanza and Mundia Hakoola.

The three connived and literally defrauded the DFID funds that were channelled through the Zambia Accountability Project.

To avoid being arrested YALI, and specifically Ntewewe and Mwanza annexed YALI PF and YALI one of the loudest PF vuvuzelas.

In a latest stint YALI is among the organizations that want the Financial Intelligence Centre ( FIC) director Mary Tshuma arrested for exposing corruption and the grand abuse of state funds.

Information has since emerged that just like the old adage, – birds of the same feather flock together, the PF promised the thieving Mwanza of adoption in Kasenengwa Constituency as the parliamentary candidate.

While others were praying for the recovery of the former Kasenengwa MP and Gender Minister, the PF was scheming on to how to impose a morally bankrupt fellow.

“When need filtered that the Minister had died, the man immediately began celebrating that he had been promised the seat by the PF leadership,” said a close associate of Mwanza.
The former Kasenengwa MP Kalima died on Monday evening.

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