YALI mourns Bill 10

By Enoch Lusoke

The Young African Leaders Initiative –YALI- has described parliament’s failure to pass the controversial bill number 10 of 2019 as a missed opportunity for Zambia to come up with a refined and all inclusive constitution that would stand the taste of time.

Last week, the controversial bill was thrown out of parliament after failing to meet the required two thirds majority support for it to be passed into law.

But speaking to Phoenix News, YALI President Andrew Ntewewe regrets that despite the country spending colossal sums of money and time in drafting and promoting the bill, selfishness and lack of patriotism from some members of the opposition prevented the bill from being enacted into law.

Mr. Nthewewe has charged that the members of parliament who opposed the bill betrayed the trust of the people that elected them as their representatives, and should be ashamed for failing to represent their electorates well.


ZWD comment: it’s actually this money mongering buffoon who should be ashamed of himself. Having benefited so much money from this attempt to amputate the constitution, he surely has to say something to appease his pay masters. We just hope no financial crimes were committed during the process because these things come back.

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