YALI wants probe of campaign money extended to all political parties

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is challenging the Government Joint Investigations Team (GJIT) to extend the probe on sources of campaign funds to all registered political parties in Zambia including the funds used by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), UPND, NAREP, UNIP, FDD, Heritage Party and ADD amongst others. While Zambia has a good deal to celebrate in terms of keeping pace with political transition to multiparty electoral democracy, citizens must demand more careful scrutiny of sources of funds being used by both the ruling and opposition political parties to finance their campaigns.

YALI will take keen interest to understand how the Zambian Courts will interpret provisions of Article 33(2) and Article 43(2) on the extent executive decisions the President can make and protective provision for “any act done or omitted to be done during his tenure of that office or, as the case may be, during his performance of the functions of that office.” We reiterate our call to the PF to consider supporting our earlier call for a new Constitution of Zambia that will clearly for loss of immunity by any President once voted out of power. YALI is aware that former Presidents and ruling parties resisted such a clause but eventually time always caught up with former Presidents.

Young leaders are appalled to learn about the billions of funds Mr. Banda and the MMD spent during the last tripartite elections and we demand the GJIT extend this probe on sources of campaign funds to all political parties so we can begin to weed out dirt money from politics. This will also provide the nation with insight on sources of campaign funds and the overall expenditure Zambian politicians spend on elections. We demand therefore that the ruling PF and opposition political parties make full public disclosure of how much funds they used on political campaigns and disclose sources of that funding. YALI is hopeful that the State will exercise financial prudence when bringing in witnesses from Singapore, Nigeria, Mauritius, UK and Dubai, especially that that the previous prosecution of former President Chiluba only served to benefit a few people under the MMD regime at the expense of delivering development, quality healthcare and education to our people


In view of colossal amounts the Minister of Justice alleged the Mr. Rupiah Banda and the MMD spent in 2011 elections, YALI calls upon the Ministry of Justice and stakeholders in the electoral process to come up with long term solutions that prevent excessive spending by electoral candidates, especially the sitting Head of State.

If the PF government is committed to fighting corruption and stopping political parties from using ‘dirt’ money in our electoral processes, they must not only disclose how much the MMD and PF spent on elections since 1991 and 2001 respectively but must also enact campaign finance laws that will provide for funding of political activities. Even as we welcome the move to ask Mr. Banda and the MMD account for campaign funds they used, we implore law enforcement agencies and future governments to use same standards in ensuring former leaders and political parties account for source of campaign funds during their reign.

YALI believes addressing the issue of funding for political activities is key for ensuring good governance and combating corruption. YALI believes the time is ripe for the PF Government to come up with legislation that will enforce transparency across all political parties and establishment of effective monitoring bodies of campaign funds than use laws not meant to address political funding to deal with former Head of State and political parties that fall from grace among voters.


Isaac Mwanza

democracy & Governance specialist



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    Flemming Musonda 5 years

    The level of objectivity being exhibited by YALI is incomparable especially at a time when Zambia has a regime that is so intolerant. I have no doubts groups like FODEP, TIZ and Caritas are learning something from thse boys. In the next few days and months, we shall have people like O S throwing mud at them but at the end of the day, its us to analysis as Zambians how objective these guys are. O S worked in a number of portfolios in govt and he was fired for incompetency and so he wants everybody to be a failure.

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    If GJIT want to investigate RB over campaign funds and pf members of parliament even went ahead to remove his immunity over the same, then it will be fare to also strip the immunity of MC Sata to probe him as well over pf source of funding.

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    Immunity Rebased 2000013 5 years

    YALI is a better NGO than that of Chanda something. Even this article is a sober one than the out dated propaganda from the Soviet Union era Chanda dishes out.

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      john 5 years

      There is time for evrything; this is time to probe RB’s misdeeds (if any); The time to probe PF and others will come. But now better we direct all our energy and time probing RB’S regime.

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    Mike 5 years

    Good article. We need that law so we can know who is funding these political parties. We will then understand why certain companies get certain contracts all the time and why some companies receive preference over others. In short we will know who is bribing the party in power in exchange for business favours.

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    Ngilingindo 5 years

    especially the pf money..its black money..

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    Advocate 5 years

    I think it is just logical that if possession of campaign materials become an issue, then all Parties should be investigated and those who donated to be known .Otherwise it is pointless to accuse only one targeted Party leaving others Scot free.It will mean raping justice at will.

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    PF is in Govt., they will NOT disclose their source of funding but want others to do so.

    We know PF got money from Taiwan,Mugabe (hence Sata’s serious support for Bob Mugabe), Rajah Mathani and other corrupt elements.

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    The probe is only for the opposition who are a threat and a thorn to PF club.

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    CHIPOLOPOLO 5 years


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      o s 5 years

      My brother these guys Isaac and Andrew are can not be trusted, YALI is the third NGO they have formed so far. These are business men and they claim to represent young people NO They represent them selves. To them money talks but we thank God sata is the president. watch them carefully.