Yaluma insists Scott acting illegally, calls HH ‘umwisa’

PF Energy minister Chris Yaluma has insisted that his counterpart at Defence Edgar Lungu is supposed to be the acting Republican President and not Guy Scott.

Yaluma told the people of Kasama that late president Sata left Lungu with the instruments of power and nobody should have taken them away from him.

Featuring on Radio Mano on Friday, Yaluma, who spoke in his native Bemba language, accused acting President Dr. Guy Scott of using under methods to dislodge Lungu from power.

He said this is why cabinet ministers including himself came up with another strategy of making sure that Lungu succeeded as PF presidential candidate for the January 20 polls.

Yaluma advised Northerners not vote for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema because he is a ‘mwisa’ or ‘foreigner’ from another province.

He charged that Hichilema called the PF government as ‘Chimbwi No Plan’ and therefore he does not deserve any vote from electorates.

Yaluma bragged that it is only PF which can deliver development in the country.

He said the Energy Regulation Board will soon reduce the price of fuel for the third time in a role, a move intended to entice Zambians to vote for PF in the presidential by-election next month.

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