‘Yes, grab Copperbelt Energy from crooks running it’

Dear ZambianWatchdog,

Your article of 27 June, 2013.

I am one of the victims of (of about 177 in number) of (Copperbelt Energy Corporation) CEC Plc who were retrenched in 1998 with unpaid redundancy package to date! CEC
was supposed to pay us the ZCCM funds held in trust and then pay us their own redundancy package which in this case was on the same calculations as in ZCCM (28 months pay plus years served).

You may also know by now that Zambians (Hansen Sindowe, Rodney Sisala, Charles Milupi, Aron Botha and Humphrey Mulela) who were tasked to sell ZCCM – Power Division are the same group which teamed up and sold the “inside information’ they had to one partner (buyer) and that is how they found themselves as shareholders of CEC. CEC was supposed to be the last Division of ZCCM to be sold but this Zambian team fast tracked the sale. This is the illegality Zambians talk about!

Over that years Hansen Sindowe has risen to the helm of CEC by getting rid of his fellows (Rodney Sisala and Charles Milupi) and downgraded the other two to just “employees”.

We therefore, welcome any news of the PF grabbing CEC from these crooks and reversing their interests!

For futher information:
Millington MAMBWE
Ex CEC Employee (Assistant Engineering Superintendent – Services Department)

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