Yes, HH is bitter for hungry people

Malama Stanley writes……….
Calling HH BITTER, POWER HUNGRY is being Childish. Injustice, Poverty & Corruption Makes Him Bitter & Power Hungry Which is Good.
If the way this Country is being Governed does not make HH Bitter and Power Hungary then is not fit to Lead Zambia and I would suggest that he hands over UPND to me who is Power Hungry & Bitter seeing the hardships Zambians are going through.
A Leader Chosen by God to lead and serve his people from shame, Poverty, Corruption, injustice etc must always get bitter & Power Hungry in his struggle to help his Own People from suffering.
Zambians must instead get worried about any leader who wants to Govern them but is never moved by the suffering of his own people. Bitterness and Power Hungry are signs of wanted to lead a Nation in a better way.
I therefore encourage all Opposition Political Parties to work together we can’t all become Presidents at the same time, let’s support each other we only have one Zambia.
United Opposition will change Zambia.
By Mr Mindset
Malama Stanley EEP SG

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