Yes, I practice witchcraft, man tells Mpulungu court

THE Mpulungu magistrate court has ordered a 49 year old witch doctor to pay K200 000 cash or go to prison for six months in default after he was convicted of practicing witch craft.
Before Mpulungu magistrate Miyato Muyambango was Gerald Sikazwe who pleaded guilty to one count of professing knowledge of witch craft contrary to section 5(b) of chapter 90 of the laws of Zambia.
Facts before the court were that on 29th November, 2009, Moses Sikazwe and his twin brother, Aaron, heard that a witch doctor capable of making people rich by giving charms was in Posa village and they decided to consult him before he accepted so.
He told them to see him on the morning of 1st December at a prearranged venue with some ‘requirements’ and while there, they were given medicine to drink and pledge the name of a family members whom they dearly love and the twins pledged to sacrifice their father.
However, before they could finish taking the medicine, Aaron fell down and became unconscious before he was taken home to his mother were he was resuscitated.
The matter was later reported to police who apprehended the witch doctor.
And passing the sentence, magistrate Muyambango noted that though Sikazwe was a first offender who was entitled to lenience, witch doctors must stop cheating people that they could make them rich when themselves were very poor.
He observed that the tendency of searching for juju to become rich was sadly very common in Mpulungu and must come to an end.
He said foolishness drove the complainants to search for money ‘the medicine way’ adding it was folly for one to think they could become rich through witch craft.
In mitigation, Sikazwe who admitted practicing witch craft caused laughter in court when he said he had seven wives and 35 children who were going to suffer if he was sent to prison.
Sikazwe who went on to mention villages where his wives and children are dotted said he was wrong to practice witch craft adding that though he is not there for his children all the time he was not a careless father because he knew that God looks after them.
He told the packed court room that he had been practicing witch craft since 1972.


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