Yes I visited State House and am facing rape charges, Chilufya Tayali




Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali says he has neither compromised himself nor committed a crime after reports emerged he had visited State House for a meeting with President Michael Sata and later appeared in court for allegedly raping a Ms Ruth Zulu.

Exclusively speaking to Zambia Reports, Tayali says his situation is very delicate but was focussed on the issues he is faced to deal with.

Observers say Tayali is being pursued by President Sata for being critical to the government and his alleged rape case an attempt to embarrass him after he emerged as one of the also vocal critics of Post Newspaper editor Fred M’membe and Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito’s public debt of over K14 billion to DBZ.

“My situation is very delicate at the moment that I have to be very careful of what I say in private or public. I have so many human angels hovering around me,” he said.

“However, I can confirm to you that my case with Ruth is active and my visit to State is also partially true though the content is totally contrary to what was reported.

“Details will be unfolding with time. Let me assure you that I have not committed any crime nor have I compromised myself.”

The Zambian Watchdog recently reported that Tayali had made a trip into State House and left his CV.

This morning on his Facebook page, Tayali wrote in reference to the coverage his alleged rape case has received in M’membe’s Post Newspaper.

“Ironically my friends at The Post have decided to cover this story when they have never recognised my contributions to the Nation in pursuing them to pay the money they owe the Zambians through DBZ. The Truth we conquer all evil,” said Tayali.

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