Yes Kabimba is now No 3 in govt- confirms Justice Minister Zulu

Discredited Justice Minister, Mr. Sebastian Zulu, has confirmed the Zambianwatchdog revelations that PF strongman and de facto Vice-president, Wynter Kabimba, has been ranked third in the governwment hierachy.

But Mr. Zulu said Kabimba, who is also PF Secretary General, will not sit in cabinet.

In a typical ‘donchi kubeba’ style, it is not clear what Kabimba’s role will be in government since he is not an elected representative or nominated member of parliament.

It is also not clear where Kabimba will be drawing his salary though reports indicate that he has already been living and treated above most cabinet ministers.

Mr. Kabimba has been a key figure in the PF government at times blasting fellow PF leaders in government accussing them of failing to interprete the PF manifesto.

He has also been giving official government positions on many issues, even ahead of Information and Broadcasting Ministry, headed by Fackson Shamenda and Former Post newspaper reporter, Amos Malupenga.

And Mr. Zulu says the Commision of Inquiry on the sale of Zanaco is ready for submission to President Michael Sata.

It is not clear who will present the report on this Commission that was Chaired by Mr. Zulu himself, whose reports have previously been trashed by president Sata for failing to implicate some people.

Zanaco was sold by the Levy Mwanawasa administration with Ngandu Magande as Finance Minister.

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