Yes, Kabimba’s illiterate mother in-law is here at embassy

Dear Editor

I am a Zambian working at Zambian High Commission here in Botswana. I have decided to give you more information after reading the article you wrote about winter Kabimba’s mother –in-law.

Its very true winter Kabimba’s mother is here and the old lady doesn’t qualify for this position.

When she came we (juniors) had to teach her everything about her job because she didn’t want the High Commissioner to know that she doesn’t know anything.

There are some simple cases, which she can easily handle but she fails and we (juniors) are tired of teaching these people because we are not benefiting anything.

The Deputy High Commissioner is also another story unless you see for yourself. We understand his wife is related to the President’s (Mr. sata’s) girlfriend.

This man was picked from one of the rural areas in Chibombo and when he arrived the Tswana ladies confused him.

He spends most his time outside with Tswana girls. What I am telling you is true, wish you could send someone to come and see for yourself.

It’s really painful to see money meant for poor Zambians being wasted. These people are paid not less than P50,000 (about K45,000- K50,000) per month for doing nothing, work is done by us who are paid about (K3,000).

There is also a Ms Thresa Funga who we understand was Lusaka Deputy Mayor. We had to teach this lady administration work when she came until now the lady cant even write a sentence, I know my English isn’t perfect but the English we see here is worse.

The High Commissioner Mr. Mataka is a man with a lot of experience but I am sure there is not much he can do since Kabimba is in control of everything.

If this is what is happening in all the embassies then its really sad. In short let me just say what is happening here is circus.

I thought these people are sent to represent the Government of Zambia and the Zambians living here but it’s not the case.

What they came to do here its only Sata and kabimba who know. We feel sorry for Zambians who come to the Mission hoping to be assisted and end up being turned away because these people don’t know anything. Unfortunately I can see this people even after 2016 we just have to deal with it.

This government has really disappointed us.

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