‘Yes, Kanyama MP has neglected us’


Please withhold my identity.

I wish to agree with what you earlier reported on the Absentee Kanyama MP. Indeed the MP was summoned by residents of Munkolo ward 12 where he actually resides but has been absent since 2008. The youths in the area mobilized themselves and approached a senior citizen by the name of Keli Walubita Snr to talk to Col Chanda that the people want to meet him since they were good friends.

Amb. Walubita did so and informed  Col Chanda who came to Hilview Hotel a bit late amid rumors that a group organized by the Councillor wanted to hound him out of the meeting, However the meeting proceeded very well. Amb. Walubita was the convenor of the meeting. It was surprising that after introductions, people expressed shock to know that ward 12 of Kanyama had a councilor because he is not known.   a lot of developmental issues were placed on the agenda but the MP spent time talking about what he was doing in other parts of Kanyama forgetting that the meeting was specific for ward 12, he lied that the Linda road which was abandoned mid-way after money was diverted to build a road in Lilayi would be done starting this week. However, residents have reliable source that that is a lie, the MP even had the audacity to tell off the residents that it was not his duty to initiate programs but for them to do so and go to him.

He said as long as residents did not do that he would ” continue getting his gratuity, which is being paid this week and drinking his govt sponsored tea”. He further said he was surprised that people are talking about his mini state house he has built in the area. He said “it’s not my problem that I choose to invest my money that I work for in improving my house” we are left wondering which work he is referring to coz he has not been working.   in short the MP failed to tell the people exactly what he was doing with his councillor.

The two elected leaders looked like they do not coordinate in bringing development. The MP accuses the police of working with criminals because the police at Linda refused to arrest some people at the instruction of the MP who was shielding cadres who had taken over a cooperative. after all that meeting which took 3 hours, the MP did not address issues of putting up a another school in Linda, providing serious security for residents, agriculture issues put to him, recreation for youths around the area. Anyway we know Munkolo ward does not mean much to him because the population of the electorate is not as much as other wards. Anyway as a senior resident of Linda I want to thank these boys who were presented before the MP as the brains behind the meeting: Morris Kazooka, Keli Walubita Jr, Alex Machila, Mike Muchinga, Boniface Mpofu, Tambala Muyawala, Ndobela Chuunga. am grateful to these youths for their courage and I hope they forge ahead with their quest to get development for Munkolo ward 12.

Senior resident.

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