Yes Kaunda was a dictator, Mmembe’s HH phobia is taking him too far

Yes Kaunda was a dictator, Mmembe’s HH phobia is taking him too far

By Austin Mbozi

Poem:  Inonge Wina betrays her late husband.

Oh our dear Arthur Wina.

We cherish your bravely fight

Against Kaunda’s dictatorship

As Chairman of MMD in 1990

But your wife Inonge who seemed to be supporting you then

Has now betrayed you

By calling your traditional cousin Hakainde

That something is missing in him

For his denouncing of Kaunda’s dictatorship

Your wife implying that even you, for opposing Kaunda’s dictatorship

Something was missing in you

Oh Arthur!  Oh bo handsome late Wina.  How our loved ones can be

For the love of money!

End of poem

Daughters are free to marry men who drew dialysis machines allegedly used by their fathers before they died. Sons like Patrick Mwanawasa are free to join men like president Sata who since 1992 had been rebuking their late fathers. No matter how painful, this is understandable since children are not expected to share values with their parents. But for wives who should share values with us, it can be painful if they betray our values after we die, like bo Inonge is doing! Or maybe she was not supporting him then but pretending? In my Lenje tongue our elders say meeno ngumaluya (teeth- showing smiles can be deceptive).

Ask international lawyer Munyonzwe Hamalengwa: Kaunda was a brutal dictator

You readers show Mr Hamalengwa this article if you can locate him in Canada. Muddaala omwana wa Timothy and Josephine Hamalengwa of Monze.Can you tell this nation through an article at this Zambian Watchdog how Kaunda brutally forced you out of UNZA, then you sneaked out of  Zambia via Dar Es Salaam to be permanently resident in Canada till now?  (By the way we want your daughter Kubota Hamalengwa who was  born in Canada to become a Zambian,  not a  Canadian citizen. Maybe western -born Zambians might add some civilization to our politics here mwe!)

Starting from Monday , 9th February 1976 when he closed UNZA,  Kaunda detained  UNZASU leaders and other students for some six months : Alex Kamanga ( UNZASU President)  Hamalengwa ( Vice President), Samuel Miyanda (Secretary General), Fanwell Makungu (Publicity Secretary ), Phillip Chilomo (Treasurer), Sibanze Simuchoba (Frantz Fanon Club), Vincent Musakanya (campus journalist), Paulsen Himwiinga (campus journalist), Joseph Mbwayu (campus journalist), Guy Stokes (former UNZASU Secretary General), Maketo Maketo (campus journalist), Mulenga Ng’andu (former UNZASU Publicity Secretary), Cholwe Beyani (campus radical ), Keith Nalumango (campus comedian), James Mupeta (former UNZASU official), Derek Mulenga and Gulam Patel (Frantz Fanon club).

Kaunda totally abused Regulation 33 (1) of the Preservation of Public Security Regulations by signing detention orders because the students were merely protesting against his ill-conceived support for Jonas Savimbi’s UNITA party in Angola. The students were wiser than Kaunda because later the American and apartheid South African sponsored brutal Savimbi’s actions led to thousands of innocent Angolan civilians! Yet, after the MPLA of Augustino Neto won the elections, the same Kaunda changed position and supported it, the same thing for which he arrested the students!

Expatriate professors Gulam Lulat was deported. Other professors were made to sit on the floor while in detention at Police Headquarters.  These were Professor Robert Molteno, Professor George Siemensma, Klaus Van Den Berg and Lionel Cliffe.

Yet now Sata sent Kaunda to Angola to apologize. Hypocrisy!

Yet after Sata won the presidency he sent  the same Kaunda to use our taxi payers’ money to apologize for the ‘sins of MMD’! Typical hypocrisy of dictators!  Sata was a key MMD leader at the time! Let our Angolan brothers and sisters demand that these men apologize for their personal deeds against Angola, not on our behalf.

 Kaunda was brutal against Kapwepwe, Nalumino Mundia  and Nkumbula

Late Nalumino Mundia’s party was banned by Kaunda. Then Kaunda did not only ban Kapwepwe’s UPP party in 1971 but detained its entire leadership, including its UNZA student members like Geoffrey Haamaundu. Kapwepwe, our country’s ex foreign minister, died a lonely and bitter man. At one time he was evicted from his government house, his wife and children ending up being kept by opposition ANC president Harry Nkumbula at his Chilenje house.  Even after declaring a one party state, Kaunda prevented Harry Nkumbula from challenging him for the UNIP and therefore state Presidency in the 1978 elections. Nkumbula was shocked that suddenly his account for his NKURARU mining company was frozen by Kaunda’s state machinery.

And is the current problem of the Barotseland Agreement not caused by Kaunda’s dictatorship?  So Inonge’s argument is that Kaunda was not a dictator because other world leaders of his time were also dictators?  Her argument is similar to saying that Sata was not violent together with MMD thugs in Chawama  because so many other gangsters in the ghettos were violent at that time!  And if Hakainde Hichilema benefitted from Kaunda’s free education policy does that in itself mean that Kaunda was not a dictator? Does Inonge know the distinction between politics and economics? Even brutal dictators like Ghaddafi, Joseph Stalin or Fidel Castrol provided free education. And they were using our state funds, not their personal money.  Anyway, if Inonge’s reasoning is not respected within her mediocre PF circles, why should it be respected by more intelligent Zambians? Sata created a useless Chiefs Affairs ministry for her to tame our animal-skin carrying chiefs. Then as some kind of promotion Sata sends her to a ministry he did not respect; the Gender Ministry which he had abolished and only returned after women movements complained.

Mr Mmembe: Let me be sorry for saying Kaunda is a dictator

Mr. Mmembe, what did you mean by writing in your Post Newspaper editorial of 11th March 2013 that Hakainde will be sorry if he keeps saying Kaunda is a dictator? Alright, I have given more details about Kaunda’s dictatorship so deal with me so that I become sorry. I know you have everything to succeed in fixing me but I don’t care a bit. My life is meaningless if I don’t state the truth and the just. On utilitarian grounds it is better you ‘sorry’ me who is not so useful to society than you to  ‘sorry’  Hakainde who many Zambians need.

Firstly, is saying that someone is a dictator an insult? You and your ‘ Micheal’ said more bad things against Kaunda than Hakainde has said. Secondly, how can one be sorry for saying this? Why do you personalize it if Hakainde was talking about Kaunda and not you?  If you mean you will sue him on behalf of your Kaunda how do you know the courts will punish Hakainde after you sue? Do you control the courts or the police? Or do you mean you will personally deal with him outside the law? If so then should he report you to police for issuing threats to you? And even if you were to confront him personally what makes you think you can physically overpower him and him not overpowering you?  And kind of feeling great in this? Great in what?

Mr. Mmembe your Hakainde-phoebia is taking you too far.  If we say it is becoming a kind obsessive sickness in you will you say we are insulting you? You don’t have as much power over people as you think. You may control some people in PF circles, your own family or some of your workers at The Post.  But even this is as short term as morning dew. But you won’t control other people (Sirach 3:19).

You cannot just go about attacking people around even when they have not done or said anything about you. And why do you think you are the best person to defend President Sata and Kaunda? You think you are more powerful than them?  And do you think you own Kaunda! Kaunda is also mine and Hakainde’s founding president and still lives on our tax payer’s money and we have the right to hold any opinion about him, without your approval. And why should you talk about Hakainde’s wealth when the matter was just about Kaunda’s dictatorship?   For your information, President Sata may have faults and yes he maybe a dictator.  But he has better humane characteristics of forgiveness and tolerance than what you are trying to show about yourself.

PF must make efforts to disassociate themselves from Mr. Mmembe otherwise they will regret. He is carefully not in government. You are in government, which makes you vulnerable. No politician ever rules for good.  If you follow his attacks against those he hates, supporting you to use your state power to harass your follow citizens, you will be answerable alone in future while he folds arms and claims he was merely doing a journalists job. Where is Sebastian Zulu? Where is Magande whom he supported against RB? The choice is yours.

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