‘Yes, let’s divide Northern Rhodesia’

Dear Editor,
If you happen to publish this, please withhold my name. I have just read the mail someone wrote were he/she wrote in support of those calling for Zambia to be divided.
I think it’s time our collegues – those fighting for the restoration of Barosteland received a boost from all of Southern, North Western, Part of Lusaka, Part of Central and Part of Copperbelt provinces. Time has come for us to accept the truth that we are not regarded as equal partners, there are certain tribes that think they hold monopoly to governance in this country and they proudly call themselves “The Kings makers.”
It’s time we stopped comforting ourselves that things will be okay and we will treat each and every tribe equal and fairly, this is a sad reality that we should come to terms with if we are to remain as a proud people. We can’t continue living in our own country as second class citizens.
We are ready to accept the Litunga as the constitutional monarchy, while government shall be headed by the prime minister as the case is in UK. Let us stop fooling ourselves and face reality, Zambia shall never again be a united country, it would do us a lot of good if we started acting now. People like HH, Akashambatwa, VJ, Sikota Wina should start thinking in those lines. Am not trying to be tribal but factual, i have grown in a country where i have always been teased from my childhood, i can’t accept this to continue to my old age and am sure many a tonga boy or girl, lozi or luvala have gone through what i have gone through. Time to act is now.

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