Yes lockdown Zambia for two weeks

Yes lockdown Zambia for two weeks

MMD President Nevers Mumba has also echoed calls to lockdown Zambia for at least 2 weeks.

Dr Mumba says the current half measures being put in by government to prevent the fast spreading corona virus will lead to disaster.

He said ‘The war before us must be fought by all Zambians and must be fought with unflinching resolve.

‘I wish to state that we have fallen far below the required action. Zambia has opted for half measure responses to the deadly coronavirus pandemic. For some reason, we seem to believe that this virus can be managed by half measures,’ Dr Mumba said.

He urged government to ‘immediately take decisive action by completely dissolving all social gatherings and direct that all Zambians stay home for at least a period of two weeks while we observe the trends of this lethal virus’.

‘The current half measure interventions shall cost us a massive loss of life if the virus gets into Zambia. We MUST stop it,’ he said.

‘We must close the borders including airports

We must suspend passenger public transportation. We must ensure that the lockdown is effected in good time. It is better to inconvenience ourselves today than to die as fools tomorrow. God has given us a lead window in which we can prepare for the coming storm. We must NOT wait for the storm to arrive. Leadership is about preparing for the future with a view of saving lives.

During this lead window, DMMU must be the busiest department in the nation as they prepare survival food packs, water and and essential medicines. This maybe a costly exercise but it is cheaper than waiting for the arrival of the disaster. Zambia can not afford to host the coronavirus. We do not have the resources to fight it. Lives shall be lost immeasurably. If we need help from the World Health Organization, we must ask for it now and not when the virus strikes. We are preparing for a real war. We need to make real preparations. All those who need to be quarantined MUST be quarantined without exception. The Western World is leading by example. Prime Minister Trudeau and his wife in Canada are under quarantine. Angela Merkel of Germany is under quarantine. Our own neighbor President of Botswana, is under quarantine. This is how seriously the international community is handling this plague.

We may wish to find out why the more powerful nations of the world have resorted to draconian methods to fight this scourge. This is what is expected of them. That’s why they were elected into office. To protect their citizens at any cost. They are willing to spend money they don’t have, to fight this invisible enemy. We must do the same. Zambians expect nothing less from our leaders. This early warning is meant to remind the government that if they lose this opportunity and we begin to die as fools, the Zambian people may not take it kindly. WE MUST ACT NOW.

While we trust in God’s ability to protect us from this looming pandemic, we are expected to do our part.

We urge government to declare a LOCK DOWN that will give us time to assess the trend of this plague.

In the photo, instead of taking decisive action, ministers are busy posing for the camera.

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    The people thank read Italy’s figures will need knownthat Zambia is at risk. We are not prepared for such an emergency. 2 weeks lockdown and quarantine with strict observation is the only way Zambia will attempt to gifht this. Currently, I am in a country with strict measures and feel safer. This is now beyond politics. The CORVID-19 does not discriminate. It will start with the ones who dont want to lockdown to the vulnerable. 10 % of 15 million people may die??? Is this what we want?? Lets open our eyes and fight the disease as one, not as politically blind people.

  • comment-avatar
    Chilufya 1 week ago

    Munyenge whatever you call yourself, this a democracy and Mumba has the right to comment. Foolish

  • comment-avatar
    dodalawaka 1 week ago


    Do really think when you post things on the media platform?
    it is a waste of space and time to even post comments like the ones above, there is nothing sisnister about what Nevers wrote here
    Prevention is better than cure, are you damn to think always negative about what other people think or post
    Let us give space to other peoples views and move in a positive direction
    Zambia is not equiped to handle this pandemic, the best thing to do is to put in prevention measures, is that too difficult to comprehend?
    Wishing you good luck and health
    God bless you

  • comment-avatar

    Who ever is insulting DR. MUMBA MUST START Leaking their anus now. We are not into politics but real issues, which political mileage are u talking about! Naupena sana bwamba bwambwa iwe!

  • comment-avatar

    Wishful thinking by another frustrated and bitter person. His excellency ECL has people who are well qualified and they give advise to him. So Dr Mumbi whatever you call yourself please keep this advise to yourself. You want to sound relevant and gain political mileage here when we all know that you are a non political entity

    • comment-avatar

      I don’t understand how to some people any good advice to the government by an opposition figure or indeed by anyone offering it is deemed an enemy.

      • comment-avatar
        BO MUNYENGE MUNYENGE 1 week ago

        Why should every jim and jack offer advise to government?

        • comment-avatar
          John Mpona 2 days ago

          In a country like ours every one is important, it does not matter whether one holds political position or not, what ever advise is given should be welcome. I like the bemba saying, AMANO YAFUMINE MWI FWESA YAYA MU CULU.

  • comment-avatar
    Vic Jolson 1 week ago

    Nevers Mumba, why don’t you just go back to your church and start praying – that’s the only thing you’re good at. What do you know of pandemics? Nothing!