Yes Lungu gave Mswati buffaloes, says his spokesperson

Yes Lungu gave Mswati buffaloes, says his spokesperson

Edgar Lungu’ spokesperson Amos Chanda has confirmed that Lungu gave king Mswati buffalos. But Chanda claims that the stolen buffaloes were not sick

A day ago, the Watchdog revealed that Lungu stole three buffaloes from Luangwa national Park and given them to his fellow dictator King Mswati of Swaziland as a wedding gift. But the buffaloes have caused a deadly disease in Swaziland leading to the European Union to ban meat imports from the impoverished kingdom.

Polygamous Mswati recently married his 14th wife, a 19-year year old kid, and Lungu was his guest of honour.

What was not known was that Lungu had, ahead of the wedding, sent Mswati three buffaloes stolen from Luangwa National Park. Lungu does not own any private game park and he certainly owns no buffaloes so whatever he gave is stolen from national parls

Swazi Media report that European Union has banned beef imports from Swaziland following a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak caused by three buffaloes donated to the country by Zambian President Edgar Lungu early this month


But now Lungu’s spokesperson Chanda claims that it is highly unlikely that the animals could have transmitted the foot and mouth disease.


“They (buffaloes) were actually two not three, and what we know is that the two animals were not sick. So they cannot transmit a disease that they don’t have. If they were sick, they could not have been accepted in that country. So I will check for the actual details from the people who moved the animals. But His Majesty’s government had to check the animals. They were actually scrutinised regardless of the fact that they were a gift to the King,” Chanda said.


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