Yes, MISA boss is in Sweden with wife, Sata’s ex-secretary

Dear Editor,

I have read your story about the MISA Chairperson, Daniel Sikazwe, abandoning MISA Zambia to join the wife who has been offered a diplomatic job.

Daniel’s wife, Nosiku, is now based in Sweden¬† [secretary to ambassador Edith Mutale]. She used to be Sata’s secretary in government when King Cobra was MMD National Secretary and Minister Without Portfolio.

See embassy staff in Swededn here

She moved to Sweden two months ago. Daniel, being unemployed, has joined the wife because MISA, has nothing to offer financially apart from a bit of per diem, whenever there is a workshop, meeting etc, which is rare.

The brother can now go to school in Sweden, where tuition is free. He can do some odd jobs which can pay more than what MISA has to offer.

Please withhold my names.

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