Yes, Muchima case good lesson

By Muke Kabwita

Its makes me wonder the unprecedented level of political retribution that has befallen or beloved country Zambia in this modern day and era. I foresaw what has happened to Hon Muchima and l can still foresee similar eventuality happening to Taima, Namugala, Mutati and Konga to say the least if they don’t dance nicely to the music being played by Comrade Sata and PF.

Its common knowledge that the above named MPs have skeletons which have made them become puppets to PF.

What has happened to Hon Muchima should echo into headless MPs’ minds from MMD still serving as door mats for PF through deputy ministerial positions that it is just a matter of time that they shall equally be discarded like the once vibrant Muchima. If anything, Muchima’s scenario will even be better than most of the remaining MMD MPs because his is an after thought retribution that has come about after falling out of favour yet what he is being charged for allegedly happened three years ago and two years before he was appointed deputy minister in PF.

It should be noted that PF’s poaching of MMD MPs is bent at nothing but weakening the opposition in Parliament. Its a fallacy to insinuate that PF’s innuendo in the guise of promoting inclusiveness by appointing opposition MPs as Deputy Ministers means anything. In fact, the whole episode is about defrauding MMD at the expense of increasing the vantage of PF. Its for this reason that Kachingwe, Namugala and Mutati were hired to ensure MMD became so weak. Mind you Kachingwe is not a true blue MMD as he claims because he only came back to the party in 2011 when he contested as National Secretary. Kachingwe had been FDD from the third term era until Mwanawasa appointed him to go to Nigeria as Deputy High Commissioner before going to Malawi. His expulsion is good stance. The remaining imposters are now Namugala and Mutati.

As things stand, MMD would have been in extinction by now had any one apart from Dr Mumba became party President. Its amazing and cheap for Namugala and Mutati to continue sending their disgruntled and impoverished cadres from copperbelt to go round provinces to cause confusion. Thankfully, these unprincipled men from Chingola, Kitwe, Chambishi, Mufurila and Chililabombwe were chased like rats from Solwezi when they attempted to undermine the leadership of Dr Mumba using Namugala’s vehicles with Kachingwe hiding in the lodge. Namugala was actually hand picked by Kachingwe after Masebo resigned. These vote of no confidence nonsense is merely orchestrated by Kachingwe, Namugala and Mutati.

Outrightly, the people are yearning for Dr Mumba and HH to work together to redeem Zambia from these scavengers.

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