Yes, Mwata Kazembe helped Sata because he promised to free Chiluba’

Yes, Mwata Kazembe helped Sata because he promised to free Chiluba’

Sata with the Mwata when he needed him in 2008

Sata with the Mwata when he needed him in 2008

From the outset I would like to state that Mwata Kazembe is not a paramount or senior chief. To us who understand our culture and customs and believe in them, he is simply “the Mwata” our king.

Now coming back to the issue at hand.  The Mwata was very right when he stated “he is more PF than Rogers Mwewa (the suspended MP for Mwansabombwe for stealing CDF money) and his sponsored thugs. I am writing this statement with a heavy and broken heart knowing very well how the Mwata laboured to introduce the PF in Mwansabombwe and kawambwa district in general when Mr Sata had very little financial and human resources.

I hope Mr Sata will read this statement. George [Chellah] please let him see this story because he knows very well how he was helped by the Mwata and a number of traditional leaders in the lunda land. If Mr Sata is a human being with a human heart after reading this, he should kneel down and ask for forgiveness; he can’t pay evil for good.

Mr Sata was reluctantly accepted in the Lunda land by cheating the Mwata and all the people in Luapula, firstly by condemning the late [president Levy] Mwanawasa who was persecuting the late Chiluba. Secondly, Mr Sata promised the Mwata in his own words and i quote ” mwane Mwata ngamwangafwa ukuba president, nkesa fumya umwana wenu Chiluba, pantu takwata imilandu lufyengofye”.  When translated in English, this says “Mwane Mwata if you help me become president I will come and stop all the cases in court that have been leveled against your son Chiluba because he has not stolen any thing, he is innocent.” Levy Mwanawasa is just unjustly persecuting him for no reason.

The Mwata and all the senior members of the PF then from Luapula Province who worked so hard to sell Mr Sata and the PF in the province believed him like all the Zambians who voted for him 2011 did. We all thought he was a man of his own words not knowing he is a liar.

If the Zambians may care to remember, the 2006 Mwansabombwe Parliamentary elections were nullified by the High court and [nullification?] upheld by the Supreme Court because it was proved among other things that the Mwata beat MMD supporters during the campaigns hence people were intimidated and voted for the PF.

The question is, how did the Mwata beat MMD supporters if he was not supporting Samuel Chitonge, the former PF MP?

Where were Lukwesa and Rogers then? They were not there. ” ni bakatyetye mwenda mwalimwa”. Other known people labored. They are just enjoying and eating without knowing the genesis of the PF in Mwansabombwe. No wonder they are stealing.

When the Mwansabombwe seat was nullified, it pained the Mwata and the people of Mwansabombwe.  The Mwata campaigned vigorously through his subjects to just show the MMD government then that even without beating people they can still lose an election. And indeed Chitonge came back to parliament. The Mwata used a lot of his personal resourses to help Chitonge and PF retain that seat. If Chitonge, the DC for Samfya is an honest person he can attest to this truth.

The turn of events came into effect when Mr Sata fell sick and was evacuated to South Africa and upon his return from hospital he went to State House to meet President Mwanawasa.

Alas! only heaven knows what deal or agreement Mr Sata made with the Late Levy. Paradigm shift; he started insulting Mr Chiluba from nowhere, going against his own words, breaking without shame the promise he made that he will protect Chiluba after he become president because he strongly believed Chiluba was innocent.

The change in Mr Sata angered a lot of people including his own MPs from Luapula who later revenged by defying him and attended the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) appointed by Mwanawasa. It was at this point that the Mwata disappointedly started looking at the PF and its leader differently. For those of us who were close to the throne we noticed the Mwata quietly deciding to take a back row.

To put the final nail in the coffin, the last shock came when Chiluba died. The Mwata naturally and many people from Luapula and indeed the nation at large were further disappointed with Mr Sata’s reaction.

Firstly he attended a party at Mmembes residence in Nyangwenya road on Saturday a few hours after Chilubas death to celebrate his death and secondly for not attending Chiluba’s burial.

Chiluba did a lot of goods things for Mr Sata which he knows very well including the role he played in the Sata stolen motor vehicle case.

For some of us who know the truth and who know how the Mwata laboured for Mr Sata and the PF, how in many cases he spent his own resources to help the party, it pains us when we see and hear people who have not done anything for the PF insult him when he is supposed to be respected and infact rewarded in every way possible for standing with the party when Mr Sata did not have anything but the voice.

Surely Mr Sata, does the Mwata deserve these insults from Rogers and his group? Why are you quiet?

Yes Chriticles Mwansa is the Mwatas representative and like any other Zambian he has a right to stand on a political party of his choice just like the Mwata’s younger brother Prince Duiru did when he once stood on late BY Mwila’s party but was not supported by the Mwata.

My appeal to those insulting the Mwata is that they should stop forthwith, governments come and go but the Mwata will be there even after 2016 so what will become of Lukwesa, Kapondo, Rogers and many others including their families?

Reflect on this:  when you will be called to answer charges Mr Sata will not be there to protect you. Umuswema ukukosa ifupa kulamba inshila.

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