Yes, Sata will carry Chipimo with him to Brazil – NAREP

Elias Chipimo’s stability and position in politics again has come under spotlight as he gets on a plane with Michael Sata to Brazil- with expenses paid for by the state.

National Restoration Party (NAREP) chairperson Joseph Mushalika has confirmed that Chipimo has accepted whole-heartedly to travel with Sata.

But before even anyone accused his party of anything, Mushalika called a press conference to defend his party.

He said, party leader Elias Chipimo’s decision to accompany President Sata to Brazil for a Bio-fuel conference does not mean that the two parties have formed a pact.

NAREP does not even have a councillor anywhere in Zambia, so can’t form a pact. The correct terminology would be Chipimo joining PF.

Mushalika said the invitation of Chipimo by President to the Biofuel conference in Brazil is an indication that the PF government is aware of NAREP’s aspirations of transforming Zambia into an energy super power country.

Chipimo is a lawyer by profession so there is nothing about him that makes him a bio fuel expert.

“We believe that the Republican President is aware of NAREP’s aspirations on making Zambia an energy super power and it is great decision to include on his entourage a citizen who may make a significant impact on the conference on behalf of the 13 million Zambians belonging to diverse political parties,” he said.

Mushalika said he knew  that that Chipimo’s invitation will attract allegations of being bought but dispelled any such allegations saying NAREP will continue to offer constructive criticism.

He further said that this is not the first and last time the PF government will invite Chipimo to such international conferences.

The last time this sort of thing happened was when one person leading a small opposition party was carried by Fredrick Chiluba outside the country. When he returned, he announced that he had joined the MMD. That person later became vice-president.

It would be interesting to see how Chipimo will be offering checks and balances to the government that pays his plane, hotel and per diem in a week long outing to Brazil.

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