Yes, Shamenda is corrupt

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me space to further support Mwape Mulenga (a later complainant) that Shamenda is far from clean hands in corruption, dirt like his beards. Shamenda is just opening a pandorus box for himself, in fact he is the most corrupt and useless minister.

I have worked for National Milling Cooperation (NMC) for many years and NMC upto now is in turmoil for poor labor regulation. Workers have suffered. Being a key figure I and others we have worked tirelessly to report cases to Labor but to no avail. All because of his relationship with Annie, H.R Director. He is fond of private relations with company bosses. And like previous complainant said, company Labor issues are now beyond Labor Officers_they will even tell you. Second, even when workers report cases_the names of those who report are definately under fire. To Mr Sata and all people in the country, take it, the issue is not with Dankote or any bribery claims; the problem is with Shamenda himself. Let the intelligence or any well meaning body like Zambian Watchdog investigate Shamenda, you will discover what we are talking about!

I.D withheld.


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