Yes, South PS Zumbunu is corrupt and I can prove it – Livingstone DC

Livingstone District Commissioner Paul Sensele says he has enough evidence to prove that the bricks that were found at the Southern Province minister Obvious Mwaliteta’s residence for the purpose of erecting a wall fence are from the permanent Secretary Edwin Zumbunu.

Sensele who knelt and held a Bible in his hand during a press briefing at his office Thursday morning said he is ready to lose his job for exposing corruption and abuse of office by the permanent secretary.

He said he wants sanity to prevail as the PF govern-ment promised the people of Zambia, zero tolerance on corruption.

The DC further accused the PS of having used workers and a vehicle from the Rural Road Unit (RRU) to ferry bricks and maize that was found at the permanent Secretary house during the by election for the Living-stone parliamentary by election.

Sensele explained that the PS also transported some of the bricks to Lusaka using a Congolese Truck where he is building his mother a house.

Meanwhile Sensele says if there is a contract to do a wall fence at the ministers house it’s the PS that has awarded himself a contract to rehabilitate the minister’s house at a cost of seven hundred and fifty million kwacha.

Sensele however distanced the southern Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta from the Bricks Saga saying he is innocent but was quick to mention that Mwaliteta questioned the people who delivered bricks at his home who told him that they were coming from the PS’s house.

But when contacted for a comment Mr. Zumbunu said al-legations levelled against him are not true adding that when he moved to the said house, there were a lot of things including bricks which he does not know were those things have been taken.

Mr. Zumbunu said he has his own private workers that do his personal projects.

On Monday Southern Province Permanent Secretary Edwin Zumbunu refuted claims that he awarded himself a contract of 750 million kwacha to build a wall fence at Southern Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta’s Residence.

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