Yes there are too many wrong things under my leadership – Lungu tells HH

Yes there are too many wrong things under my leadership – Lungu tells HH

IMG_1235Outgoing President Edgar Lungu yesterday admitted to UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and in front of the church leadership that things were going terribly wrong in country under his visionless leadership.

And in his usual lack of seriousness, Lungu sidelined senior PF members and ministers but carrie  his escort girl Mumbi Phiri and chatterbox Frank Bwalya to such an important meeting.

The UPND team  was led by party President Hakainde Hichilema, Chairperson Mutale Nalumango, and Chairperson for Legal and Constitutional Affairs Jackie Mwiimbu.

FDD president Edith Nawakwi, and Nevers Mumba were also present but the meeting was unnecessarily prolonged by jokers such as that lunatic Edwin Sakala who for some reason was allowed inside.
Sources that attended the meeting revealed that, after Hichilema’ submissions, President Lungu admitted that that there were too many wrong things going on in the country under his rule. The UPND team pointed out with examples some of the wrong things in the country including causes of political violence, such as the selective application of the Public Order Act, and hate speech.

“I concede and agree with President Hakainde Hichilema that under my leadership things including the application of the Public Order Act are not running well”, said President Lungu.

The leaders later resolved that more consultative meetings should be held with other respective government wings responsible for the failures such as the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Zambia Police Service.

Other issues raised by the UPND team was the indiscriminate dismissals, victimization, transfers, and intimidation of civil servants, especially police officers, that had tried to act professionally but were perceived to be  UPND members.

At one point, FDD leader Edith Nawakwi who was accompanied by her spokesperson Antonio Mwanza openly told Lungu that he was losing the upcoming elections because he was not listening to people’s concerns.

“I want to tell you that you are losing this election because you have embarked on a self distractive path of not listening to the masses on many issues but you just listen to a few of your friends who are telling you lies,” Nawakwi told Lungu.

Eventually, Lungu called on the UPND President Hichilema to help him manage the affairs of the nation in the many challenges the country was going through.

In response Mr. Hichilema said he had no problems and assured Lungu that he would rout out the current ills such as  violence completely once in office and reunite the country.

The meeting which started around 14 hours lasted for close to 9 hours and closed around 22 hours in the night.

Later the conveners of the meeting read out a communique that among other things banned the wearing of military regalia, called for an end to the current terror in places such as bus stops and markets.

All political parties, including those without cadres such as Edwin Sakala, and Cosmo Mumba, committed themselves to end violence in the country.

But sources revealed it was very clear Lungu was not in charge of the country and everyone who attended the indaba felt sorry for him.

“It was a sorry sights inside the room seeing Lungu completely lost and being lectured to by opposition parties especially by the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema on the management of the country. We doubt any of the agreements will be adhered to because the man does not look in charge of anything. It was probably just a public relations exercise in futility as Lungu does not seem to control the thugs,” sources revealed.

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