Yes there is a shortage of nurses but we won’t employ – PF

Health deputy minister Patrick Chikusu says government through the Ministry of Health is still facing a shortage of nurses in various health institutions countrywide. Yet vice-president Guy Scott and finance minister have maintained that no one will be be employed by the PF government until 2016.

Dr. Chikusu says government is keen and committed to ensuring that the health sector is adequately financed.

He says government has also dedicated itself to supporting the creation of new nursing schools that and that government had also dedicated itself to support infrastructure and the provision of training materials and equipment.

Dr. Chikusu adds that the training of both male and female nurses will continue, adding that myths and certain cultural beliefs would not deter the government from providing required manpower.

Although more nurse will be trained in the next two years, they will not be employed by the government as the PF has announced an employment and wage freeze in the 2013 budget.

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