Yes we accept useless goods from suppliers, says PF’s ‘Team 7500’

Yes we accept useless goods from suppliers, says PF’s ‘Team 7500’

Sydney Muyamba, the agent for Chishimba Kambwili in the PF organisation called ‘Team 7500’ has admitted that they owe Samantha Mwewa money.

In admitting that ‘Team 7500’ owes Ms Mwewa money, Muyamba also admitted that his organisation collects goods from people but do not know where the money to pay would come from. But that is the PF way of doing things. To them as long as someone is willing to give on credit, they get.

Muyamba also said ‘we made a mistake to agree to accept poor Quality regalia because we LOVED Samantha even in her mistakes.’
What kind of organisations accepts poor quality goods and commits to pay the supplier of useless goods? Normal people demand samples from suppliers and when the sample is acceptable, it is required that the actual goods must correspond with the sample in quality. That is how normal people and reputable organisations do business. If you accept goods of whatever quality, you have entered into a legally binding contract and you have to pay. You cannot later say you accepted the goods out of pity or membership. The supplier spent money to produce those goods. But Muyamba is saying ‘our funding comes from Sale of same Merchandise and our members.’

The Watchdog thinks Muyamba is a moron. You cannot accept useless goods from a supplier and impose them on members of an organisation and force members to pay. Muyamba is in breach of his duty and he can not pass the blame to members. Muyamba and Chishimba Kambwili and other officers of this group are responsible and should pay the supplier the whole amount plus interest.

And a lost of people have come forward to say that Ms Mwewa is not the only person Kambwili and his organisation owe money.
Though Muyamba is trying his best to shield Kambwili from responsibility, maybe he has been blasted on phone, many people know that Team 7500’ is owned and controlled by Kambwili. And Ms Mwewa Clearly says it was Kambwili who she spoke to first.

In the photo below is Muyamba wearing a suit, probably he has not paid for the suit as well.



Below is one of Muyamba’s responses:

Yes Samantha supplied us T-Shirts and work suits worth K32,000 and todate we paid as an organization money to offset the debt. One truth is that the payment has delayed as we were supplied WRONG STOCK of which the supplier begged us to take the WRONG AND POOR QUALITY STOCK. We understood and I personally sanctioned the supply of the same.

The order was not approved by our Patron Honourable Chishimba Kambwili at all as we operate as an independent organisation. So to say that Honourable Kambwili owes Samantha Money is a total lie.

The balance of the money outstanding is not owed by an individual but we owe as an organization and our Members from many parts of the country whom the regalia was supplied have been busy paying and even now they are busy paying the said money.

This is a normal business transaction and we are always in full contact with Samantha who was accorded the opportunity to be a supplier from among the members whom we work with.

As PRESIDENT AND NATIONAL DIRECTOR of #Team7500 I cannot run away from Samantha and any supplier except that I am not going to sit on the LAPS of A supplier waiting for money to fall. We move from one district to the Next trying to make members be part of our NOBLE AND CHARITABLE Organisation and any supplier worth their sort have the duty to protect their Customers.
For one, I cannot go on social or any media platform to ask for payment from a customer whom I have dealt with face to face.

Lastly the article says that Samantha was trying to meet my wife as Muyamba SM to discuss a matter that concerns #Team7500 ; That is absurd and wrong as the person whom she was going to see is not part of the leadership of #Team7500 which organisation has a full fledged National Leadership and we are very responsible men and women.

If this was given to ZWD by Samantha; we desire to un-reservedly apologise for the delay in paying the remaining K20,000 towards the supply and delivery of the #Team7500 Regalia but we want to move forward with one-ness and unity that exists between a Supplier and a Customer.
We are a client and when we face difficulties we do not want to be ridiculed and PUBLISHED on social media because word will also go round that this particular supplier has SOCIAL MEDIA phobia to publish CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS INFORMATION.

Imagine if we had to all pubslish the clients and customers who owe us money ranging to colossal sums; Then there would not be any customer protection.

Samantha has my phone numbers and 0975801637 and 0969488420 etc and last evening we discussed what payments we shall be making to her starting today Saturday 4th June to 11th June.

Receive our apology for delayed payment but I personally think that there is a better way.



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