Yes, we paid K2.2 billion for Kaseba at a lodge – PF

As revealed by the Watchdog on May 28, 2015 , the PF regime has admitted that it was irresponsibly paying huge sums of money on a lodge for former first lady Dr Christine Kaseba.

Secretary to PF Cabinet Roland Msiska said the broke government paid Reedbuck Lodge in Lusaka’s Kabulonga suburb a total of K2, 246,547 for full board and lodging for Dr Kaseba and her family up to June 30, 2015.

This is K2 billion and 246 million in old currency or about USD $310, 000 just for a few months. Funny enough, this amount can buy a house in most of Lusaka’s posh residential areas. In fact, with all these landlords broke due to the bad economy, one can buy two mansions in Kabulonga with that money.

Msiska also claimed that Dr Kaseba turned down houses in Lusaka’s upmarket suburbs and that Government never failed to accommodate the former First Lady.

Msiska said that following the demise of President Michael Sata, government made arrangements to accommodate the former first family at 8 Reedbuck Lodge in Kabulonga in January 2015 when she moved from State House.

He said however the situation arose from a letter the proprietor wrote to Dr Kaseba asking her to leave the premises.


Msiska said Government reminded the proprietor that the contract was between government and 8 Reedbuck Lodge of which he tendered an apology to government. This is very suspicious.
Msiska explained that Dr Kaseba and family have opted to move out of 8 Reedbuck Lodge despite government having paid up to June 30th 2015.


Msiska thinks Zambians are stupid. If government paid up to June 30, 2015, why did she move out mid June?


Msiska says Cabinet office has resolved the problem and has informed Dr Kaseba she could continue to stay at the lodge.

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