Yes, Zambia’s real problem is poor leadership

Plz ba ZWD help me to make a contribution to the general public.

I have being intellectually wondering about the promidial problem with our country insofar as development is concerned. As a country we are blessed with natural resources and a good climate for farming, but the people are still sinking into povery. Zambia as a nation has got no problem but the problem is categorically with the leaders we entrust with powers to govern our country for a common good. With our current government, Zambia is enslaved into servitude. This servitude in developmental terminology implies nature to be dictating or determining our well being. For instance, without the rains imagewe cannot do farming or have electricity. Servitude is a sign of poor governance or incompetent leadership. Development comes with competent leaders, and development entails freedom from servitude. We must control nature as our country and have expanded range of choices. For instance, the government must have an alternative to beat loadsheding and revamp the economy. Freedom from servitude provides people with high income so that they should get what they want. Besides, people must be provided with better education and better jobs. Education should be understood as a way toward development. But our current government shows no interest in education sector and this was noticed in the unreasonable closure of CBU. I THINK CHANGING THE GOVERNMENT IS THE SOLUTION FROM SERVITUDE.


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