Yosi Miti on Zambian Watchdog

Yosi Miti on Zambian Watchdog

The article below was posted by one fool called Yosi Miti (in the photo). But see ZWD response at the end.


– Thief Edgar Lungu revenges.

This is as reported by the Zambian Watchdog yesterday, 4th February, 2018.

We all know that the Zambian Watchdog operates in obscurity with a known agenda of installing thier prefered person as the President of our Country.

While i appreciate what they did for me four years ago in 2014 by exposing the evil deeds of one Harry Kalaba, am not conformitable with their inconsistencies in their news reporting.

Their gorilla type of Journalism seems to be targeting whoever shows to be in good books with the rulling regime in this case the PF govt.

And it is this kind of behaviour from the Zambian Watchdog that is disadvantaging their prefered candidate to ever form govt in this country.

Harry Kalaba is a ruthless and brutal tin pot dictator, cuum Nigerian Comedian POPO and a srupid witch who must never be entrusted with any sensitive authority again, let alone at highest level in this country .

Now it is shocking to note that the Zambian Watchdog has now Somersaulted at 180 degrees in the air by trying to potray Kalaba as a saint.

It seems for the Zambian watchdog the only qualification not to be called corrupt or labelled a thief, is for one to resort to insults and unsubstantiated corruption allegations aginst targeted authorities whilst shielding others like kalaba.

And those thieves who leaves govt either by being forced out or fired and starts insulting the Head of State, becomes Instant darlings to ZW overlooking all past misdeeds.

The issue of recalling Kalaba’s sister is just an iceberg in the ocean.Thats why some of us immediately he left office, we called for an establishment of an independent commission of inquiry to thoroughly probe him and his officials not only at foreign affairs but also Lands where he served as Minister.

Kalaba illegaly usurped some constitutional Presidential powers with impunity by convincing President Lungu to place his trusted individuals and relatives into key govt institutions that made it easy for him to appoint the entire clan from his village in Luapula into foreign service.

What about the guy who was just a printer at government printers who is his brother in law, married to his sisster? was posted to Mozambique with no traceble relevant experience whom he made sure that before he resigns he leaves him as acting High commissioner todate.( Head of the mission).

This is not corruption but day light robbery. This is the reason some of us, we cannot trust people in the likes of Kambwili who only see corruption in President Lungu and his officials and remain completely mute on other people like Kalaba, what kind of hypocrisy is this?

We humbly request President Lungu to recall all these undeserving people without any reservations or regrets and if possible must be made to pay back the dollars they earned illegitimately if found wanting.

Now let me take this opportunity to share with you what was reported by the Zambian Watchdog four years ago about my brutal recall and the subsequent dismissal from Government as a civil servant where l had worked, for not less than 20 years without any compasation todate.


Foreign Affairs Minister sends Concubine into foreign service

Watchdog: 4 years ago

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has appointed his girlfriend to replace a qualified diplomat at the High Commission in Tanzania, Intelligence sources have disclosed.

According to the sources, Kalaba has appointed his Girlfriend and Church mate Maloni to replace a Mr. Yosi Miti at the Zambian High Commission in Tanzania. The source said Kalaba from the time he was appointed Foreign Affairs minister has recalled a number of diplomats.

Kalaba and Maloni have a child, of course Kalaba is married to someone lese.

The source said Maloni was even given farewell prayers at Grace Ministries Pentecostal Church as she is supposed to leave for Tanzania on 26 May 2014 to replace Mr. Miti as First Secretary at the High Commission.

“We have been following up reports as the Intelligence on Honourable Kalaba’s conduct from the time His Excellency appointed him Foreign Affairs Minister and we have confirmed that his conduct is not good. He has even appointed a Girlfriend they have a Child with as First Secretary at our mission in Tanzania. Her name is Maloni. Last Sunday at Grace Ministries there was even an announcement that the church prays for her as she leaves,” the source said.

The source said a report is being done to be presented to President Michael Sata noting that it was like Kalaba thought he was untouchable.

“He behaves like he is untouchable. We are preparing a report to be presented to the President. We can not have a Minister who picks a prostitute from the streets have a Child with her and appoint her as a Diplomat,” the source said.

The source also wondered what type of Church Grace Ministries was to encourage adultery as the church leadership is well aware that Kalaba who also goes to the same Church is a married person.

“Some of these Churches can surprise you. The Pastor and the entire Church leadership know very well that Kalaba is married but they even ask prayers for an adulterer,” the source said.

Kalaba is a married person and his wife runs the New Vision Newspaper located in Avondale Lusaka.


Minister Kalaba insists on giving lover job at embassy

May 24, 2014 08:41

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has insisted that his Girlfriend only known as Maloni from Grace Ministries Pentecostal Church in Lusaka should be appointed as First Secretary for Trade at the Zambia’s High Commission in Tanzania despite counsel from officers from the Office of the President.

A source at Cabinet Office has disclosed that the Bahati Member of Parliament has since directed the Acting Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to forcefully evict Mr. Yosi Miti from Tanzania so that he is replaced with his girlfriend whom he has a child with and also a church mate.

“The Minister took advantage of the absence of the substantive Permanent Secretary and directed the Acting PS a Mr. Mbumba to direct our High Commissioner in Tanzania to send back an innocent person so that he is replaced by the Minister’s girlfriend,” the source said.

The source said, Mr.Yosi Miti had appealed to the Public service Management Division at Cabinet office to be given time so that he can prepare to leave but the Minister ordered the hearing to proceed without even Mr. Miti’s presence.

“You know the man has appealed. He got a loan from a bank in Tanzania and part of the condition is that he can not leave the country minus settling the loan. He can not cross with his vehicle and spouse’s vehicle before the loan is liquidated. So he asked for time but the appeal was heard in his absence,” the source said.

The source said what was more worrying is that Maloni is not a government employee but just from the street.

“It is very painful. The person the Minister wants to create space for the girlfriend is a qualified economist and worked with Ministry of Commerce before he was sent in diplomatic service but Maloni is just a Minister’s prostitute. We can understand if she is a civil servant,” the source lamented .

▪Please if you like Google the titles of both articles for you to see the comments from bloggers at that time.




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ZWD RESPONSE: our short response to this Rupiah Banda boy is as follows:

1. ZWD monitors and documents current government ills, especially corruption and immorality by public office bearers.

2. We have never somersaulted in any way. This is what we have been doing from 2001. Our ‘missiles’ are pointed at govt offices and officials. Just because  names of government officials have changed does not mean ZWD has changed. When Miti was eating, stealing and plundering with the godfather of corruption Rupiah Banda, he despised our work; but when was fired as envoy, he came running to us. This is a common trend.  Now that he is in ‘team koswe’, he wants to cast aspersions on our noble work?

3. When our brothers Harry Kalaba, Chishimba Kambwili and others were in government, We exposed their corrupt and other criminal activities. Evidence isvther for all to Google. We are glad this lunatic Miti agrees and provides the evidence. Our job was to expose through publication. It was the job of those seized with powers to investigate and arrest to do their part. They did not. So what did Miti expect us to do? We have not recanted or retracted anything we wrote about Kalaba or Kambwili five or 10 years ago.

4. But the scene has changed. Kalaba is not in government and therefore his ability to abuse public resources or office are now zero, therefore our interest in him has equally changed. We now report what is being done to him not what he is doing. If he committed crimes while in office, that is the job of the police to follow up and not the duty of ZWD. ZWD exposed the crimes Kalaba committed while he was in office when they were still fresh and evidence still easy to gather.

5. To expect ZWD to sing praises for that thief Edgar Lungu is day dreaming.

6. Miti needs better specs, for a diplomat, even a fired one, these are really ugly.

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