You already have too many enemies in your own party, Chibwe advises Nevers Mumba

The UPND has urged MMD president Nevers Mumba to concentrate on quenching the fire that has currently engulfed the former ruling party as opposed to attacking innocent outsiders like the UPND.

UPND secretary general Winstone Chibwe said in an interview that Dr Mumba had enough enemies at present and should therefore concentrate rebuilding friendships.

He was reacting to Dr Mumba’s remarks in some sections of the media yesterday that UPND cannot win in 2016.

Mr Chibwe said UPND was not in contention with MMD but PF which was a party in Government.

“For us, we are not in contention with MMD but PF which is the party in Government. We can only advise Dr Mumba that he has made enough enemies so he should just concentrate on quenching the fire within his party.

“Our target at present is the PF, which is in Government but if Dr Mumba wants to fight both PF and UPND, he is welcome,” Mr Chibwe said.

He said Dr Mumba had no support from his two vice presidents and some other prominent MMD members therefore he should not go outside the MMD to destabilise other political parties.

Mr Chibwe said the UPND had no time for Dr Mumba as it was concentrating on organising the party.

He said Dr Mumba should wait for 2016 in order to know which political party was more popular in Zambia.

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