You are an irrelevant vagabond, Sunday Chanda tells Chipimo

You are an irrelevant vagabond, Sunday Chanda tells Chipimo


Sunday Chanda


NAREP Life President Elias Chipimo should not mislead citizens that Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) issues were started by Patriotic Front (PF) and that the solutions offered by government are to benefit the ruling party.

It is common knowledge that Elias has been desperate to remain relevant having failed to garner even less than 1% of the vote each time he has tried at Presidential elections.

More than 99.6 % of Zambians have rejected Chipimo each time he has tried to dupe them into thinking he has something to offer.

As far as elections and representing the will of the people goes, Chipimo is as irrelevant as chicken milk.
Just because he has made himself a morally emaciated political vagabond, his desperation should not lead him bring ” ilyashi lyamukachasu” moonshine gossip (junta data) into serious matters critical to the preservation of national wealth.

Elias Chipimo’s desperation for relevance has sunk to new lows; now leaking envy and jealousy.

As a lawyer he has tossed all ethics out of the window. It is baffling how Mr. Chipimo has become so sour and envious of the person the court has appointed as liquidator of KCM; no wonder he has resorted to playing dirty through ad hominem attacks of the
Liquidator-Mr. Milingo Lungu.
It is highly unethical on the part of Chipimo.

What we also find disturbing are the reckless remarks by Chipimo that the whole issue surrounding KCM is meant to benefit PF and not help the people of Zambia. What a low blow from equally low thinking!

Born in a privileged environment with a silver spoon in his mouth, Mr. Chipimo might not understand the suffering of the many suppliers, contractors, retrenched employees and the communities at large in Chingola and Chililabombwe.

Chipimo is totally disconnected from the ordinary Zambian. That is why he has no appeal or connection with the miners, contractors and suppliers and other ordinary Zambians.

It is clear that some people provide professional advice to interests that have no heart for this nation; we advise such individuals to eat quietly. These are unfortunately mouthpieces of capital.

Mr. Chipimo should for once side with the Zambian people and rise above board rather than do his wretched best to paint a bad picture just to sound relevant, because the only thing he is doing now is to frustrate government’s efforts in ensuring that the mineral wealth benefit the people of Zambia.

This is not a partisan affair. It’s about Zambia!

As a ruling party, we are here to correct the mistakes made during privatisation but it seems people like mr Chipimo are uncomfortable with seeing happy faces of Chingola and Chililabombwe.

Perhaps you were not in Zambia at the time – have you already forgotten how the previous KCM owners suddenly skipped town and left thousands of miners and their families in misery after your alliance-partner- party lost an election to Mwanawasa?

We understand that Mr Chipimo is eager to enter State House and for him to achieve this, Zambians have to suffer and turn against PF.

For this reason Mr Chipimo is trying to sing the corruption story to deter suitable investors to take interest in the deal.

Elias Chipimo read our lips: Zambians cannot and will not be duped by privatization vultures in the Opposition. Never again!

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters

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