You are enjoying the fruits of voting PF- Scott mocks Zambians

Ceremonial Vice-President Guy Scott said Zambians are enjoying the fruits of electing the PF into government and that his party is delivering on campaign promises.

Scott, who is receiving free mealie meal, free fuel, and hefty allowances, said the standard of living for the majority Zambians was improving as per PF 2011 campaign promises.

He was speaking when he launched the first of the 169 communication towers for mobile phones in Chief Matanda’s area in Mansa yesterday.

Just last night, the PF government increased fuel prices but Scott said, “You are just beginning to see the fruits of electing PF and President Sata in power. We are just two and half years in the Government and we have delivered much on our campaign promises.

“Now can you imagine what will happen when we are there for more years,’’ said Scott who recently likened Kabwata MP, Given Lubinda to a dog and Zambian MPs as monkeys..

With the recent increase in fuel prices, Zambia is even worse off than Zimbabwe with poor and tattered economy, but selling fuel at a cheaper price of  ULP 1ltr $1.35= K8235, Gasoil 1ltr $1.30=K7.930.

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