You are playing with fire-Linyungandambo warns President Edgar Lungu

The Acting leader of the Linyungandambo and Barotseland transitional government Dr Matengu Situmbeko has warned President Edgar Lungu against harming any Barotseland activists under Zambian custody
And Dr Situmbeko has challenged the Zambian government to produce documentary evidence before the International Court of Justice to prove that Barotseland was part of Zambia.
In a letter dated 27th January 2015 and addressed to President Lungu, Dr Situmbeko warned that Lungu was playing with fire and may end up at the International Criminal Court should he mishandle the Barotseland issue.
He warned that Barotseland is always represented in every meeting that Lungu chairs to plot against Barotseland.
‘Every meeting you chair on Barotseland we are represented and we receive a full report, any death will be counted on your head and your citizens and you will never have peace in your nation,’ Dr Situmbeko warned.
He said the people in detention among them Afumba Mombotwa, the leader of Linyungandambo were not Zambians but citizens of Barotseland hence the detention was illegal and should be released without condition just like Lungu promised the Litunga a month ago when he went to campaign in Mongu.
And Dr Situmbeko has challenged President Lungu and the Zambian government to produce documentary evidence before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) if they feel that Barotseland was part of Zambia.
He has further warned that the grace period for Zambia to vacate Barotseland was expiring and will be removed by force.
Meanwhile Dr Situmbeko has pointed out that Zambia will not be allowed to carry out any mining or oil and gas exploration in Barotseland apart from construction of King Lewanika University and a stadium which will be regarded as donations from a neighbouring state.
Lungu had promised to grant oil and gas exploration rights in Western Province to his Nigerian funders during the campaigns for the recently held Presidential elections.
The letter has been copied to the United Nations, European Union, African Union, SADC, all Embassies in Zambia, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) to which Barotseland is a member, the Litunga and the Zambian Director of Intelligence Mr Mwanambale.
This is the second letter that President Edgar Lungu has received regarding the issue of Barotseland in a space of two days.

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