HH pays tribute to teachers

Opposition UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema, has payed glowing tribute to teachers across country  the for their sacrifices and hard work despite poor working conditions.

In his message to the teachers who are commemorating World Teachers Day today, Mr. Hichilema said the teachers were at the heart of his party the UPND as they were the back borne of any national development.

Mr. Hichilema expressed disappointment with the way teachers continue being maligned and maginalised by the PF government that has removed the retention allowances and other incentives while the same government and its leaders gave themselves hefty salary increments and allowances contrary to their campaign promises.

He said the UPND government will pay greater attention to the plight of teachers, schools, and other teaching requisites as he believes education was the best equaliser for all the people regardless of their economic status.

He urged teachers across the country to exhibit exemporary behaviour and be role models in their communities.

The UPND leader also requested parents and pupils across the country to co-exist with teachers and guard against vandalism of school and college infrastructure.

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