‘You can smell corruption once you enter police HQ’

It is so disheartening and disgustig of how police hq’s has turned into a haven of coruption.some of these
issues are beter brought to media than following the so called ‘proper’channels.
I wonder if P.I.O’S ever existat police hq’s.Am saying so because you could smell corruption even before
one enters the doors of police hq’s. Junior accountants behaviuor is worrying and if left unchecked things
will even get worse.I never wanted to reveal the names of these culprits but because of this rot i will go ahead
and expose them.Not all of them are bad eggs i have see auditors and snr accountants perform their duties
with no strings attached.There is an acconutant called George some call him Mwamba.I was so shocked
when i over heard this man openly demanding for a cut from his clients.He further threatened his client not
to be surprised next time if the file goes missing.Each payment that goes through one has to part away with
a certain percentage.
The other once good boy gone bad is a guy called kampamba.These people have become so powerful that
not even officers who has served under UN nations peace keeping missions can match them.Another culprit is
a man who looks sick and old he is called Mwansa,with this one he has no mercy on officers he even hides files
for fellow officers.They concentrate mostly on serving their so called çlients’ than attend to genuine officers.
Urgent attention or intervention is needed by either the I.G or any other wing which can help stop this rot.You
will nver find this nonsense aat Zambia army,ZAF,or immigration they have a proper systems which you can’t find
in police.Let us not fail to work just because of 3 or 4 selfish people.
 Am challenging P.I.O”s to feed the I.G with proper information concerning our acconts dept and change it for
the better.When the P.F govt took over power His Exellence promised the zambian people that it will wipe out
corruption but it seems corruption has even doubled ever since PF won.
If officers fromsay zambia army came to police hq’s today,they would wonder whether the police have employed
senior officers for orderlies.Av said so because of some senior officers who are degrading them selves moving
with files from office to office for the love of money..nkhani yodyamo..This guy work inconjuntion with thieving
accontants.It’s amazing on how this man moves with files from point A to B…His name is mr Luwaya from staff
records.There is a woman in the staff section called Matilda this woman has also become so powerful such that
her coleagues refer to her as madam I.G. She is also involved the same scam she prepares lists for officers due
to get paid claims..Still in the staff section,we have the most useless personel officer police hq’s has ever had
he is called mr. Mtonga.Earlier on i had asked if P.I.O’s ever exist at police hq’s.How long does it take for a govt
empolyee to obtain a loan from govt??With the best of my knowledge one has to work for aleast 2 years and has to
be confirmed.with this man so long he demands sex and given,he gives loans to people who has served for as little as 5
months.This is not personl hate but facts which requires urgent intervention.
disgusted officer.

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