You can’t be Lungu’ running mate, PF tells Mumba


The PF has ruled out entering into an alliance with another political party on conditions that political party provides a running mate for President Edgar Lungu.

Nevers Mumba had pinned all his hopes of political survival on being Lungu’s running mate and has gone on rampant expulsion of genuine MMD members replacing them with his cooks.

In the last presidential elections, Mumba got less than the number of rejected votes.

PF Secretary General Davies Chama says the alliance that the ruling PF is seeking has nothing to do with the presidential running mate.

Mr. Chama has told QTV in an interview that he does not think an alliance can last if it is based on sharing positions or on how much a particular political party will benefit from it.

Asked whether the ruling PF is still quoting the opposition MMD on possibilities of forming an alliance, Mr. Chama has confirmed his party is still in talks with the MMD.

Outgoing president Edgar Lungu has already announced that he will pick one of his women as running mate.

Since there is no time for Nevers Mumba to undergo a gender re-assignment, the unexpected announcement hit him very hard.

Disappointed Mumba on Wednesday issued a statement through one of his drivers and cousins he has installed as NEC members that he might just run as MMD presidential candidate. Mumba said he is looking at two people as his possible running mates.

A few years ago, when late Michael Sata was asked to comment on Mumba’ political career, he said ‘the young man has conned God’.

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