You can’t compare Madiba to that PF cadre KK

Thank you ZWD for this chance,
It is really too bad that the World has lost one of the few greatest children of Africa. Again, I am really extremely bad and confused after I read the article by Lubinda Chamileke entitled KENNETH KAUNDA’S FORGOTTEN KEY ROLE IN MANDELA’S RELEASE.
Mr.Lubinda should not divert our feelings and hearts from mourning the great son of Africa,Madiba Mandela to giving of unnecessary praise and worship to the old PF cadre, Kenneth Kaunda.
It could be true that KK did a lot, but what does Lubinda expect us to do? To stop mourning and go to Kaunda’s residence to sing about the greatness of this cheap cadre called K.K.?In fact, is it Kaunda who is dead, that we suddenly forget about Madiba?
We have not forgotten about what K.K did not only for Mandela but to Zambians. Kaunda fought for independence but when it came to power, he fought against Zambian independence. Kaunda was a murderer and mutilator. This hero of yours spent 27 years fighting against freedom of Zambians by imprisoning them, while Mandela spent 27 years in prison fighting for the freedom of all South Africans.
In fact point of correction, “don’t say Kaunda made mistakes as human being…”This man did not make a mistake, instead he made systematic and calculated blunders of annihilating people’s freedom. You don’t call, deliberate Killing of peoples parents and children a mistake!
So please Mr.Lubinda, you are free to go and kneel down towards Kaunda, go and dance for him, go and praise and worship him without dragging others towards THIS DIVISIVE CADRE who only knows how to bootlick from his once-upon-a-time favorite shushushu, called Cobra.
We want to remember and mourn our great hero, Mandela who dedicated his whole life uniting South Africans and not your Kenneth Kaunda who is working very hard to DIVIDE Zambians due to his selfishness.
You know what; the Western nations are not as dull as you might think. They know the evils of Kaunda far much better than what Lubinda and KK know.
Madiba became a great man because of consistently doing good for his own people. He fought for independence of South Africans and even when he became president, he ruled with dignity and handed over power as President. On the far end, Kaunda personalized everything as president and hanged to power for over 20 years even when he knew his style of rule was nonsense.
Let Kaunda and you, Lubinda wait for your time. If Kaunda is such a great man, we will know how the media all over the world will cover him at that time…Maybe it might be more than that for Gadaffi.

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