You can’t teach an old dog new tricks- Scott

Ceremonial Vice-president Guy Scott today caused laughter in parliament when he referred his boss an ‘old dog that cannot learn new tricks’.

When asked this afternoon if it would not be helpful to advise President Sata to stop making off-the-cuff statements to avoid unnecessary embarrassing statements like the one made in Botswana, the Vice President responded that it is difficult to teach ‘an old dog new tricks’.

But when MPs burst into laughter, Dr. Scott cleverly said he was referring to himself.

During the State Visit to Botswana, President caused a diplomatic row  when he talked down Zambia in that country.

The Botswana media and MPs in the country are urging their government to demand for an apology from Zambia for demeaning words about that country which he referred to as only having five shops.

Follow the link below and get part of what President Sata said

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