You can’t trust PF thieves to print ballot papers

By Nason msoni

PF government is too desperate and dishonest to be trusted with the printing of ballot papers in their backyard.

The announcement by the Vice-President Inonge Wina in parliament that the PF government is intending to print ballot papers in Lungu’s backyard is hugely suspect and a recipe for electoral fraud and anarchy.

The desperation and dangerous appetite which is been exhibited by President Edgar Lungu of continuity in office clearly make them untrustworthy to undertake this onerous task of Printing ballot papers for the 2021 elections.

The corruption and theft of public resources in government have gravely damaged their credibility and integrity to undertake a serious national process of printing election materials.
Given, the reckless statement made most recently by the President himself that even if we don’t vote for him, He will still be there 2021 makes the entire project a suspect and that would effectively rob voters of their free will to chose their preferred choice.
There is no debate that as matters stand at the moment, the momentum is with the opposition. PF has ceded ground to the opposition and they know too well that in a free and fair election they stand no chance in a million years of retaining power.
In his desperate effort to tilt the pending electoral defeat and electoral equilibrium, he intends to thwart the collective wisdom and Judgement of the Zambian people through the printing of excess ballot papers for sinister activities.

It has always been a matter of all stakeholders in the past for political parties to build consensus on the printing of ballot papers. This lone behaviour and conduct is suspect and very depressing. It is always important for stakeholders to build consensus when it comes to matters bordering on the electoral process.

We do not expect Mr Lungu and his PF to behave like lone stars in matters of critical national importance like Printing of ballot papers.

it is as plain as the nose on your face that Mr Edgar Lungu intends to play dirty in the entire electoral process leading to the 2021 election.

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