You don’t delete current register to create new one, ECZ taught



If in the 21st century an organization like ECZ needs to delete a voters’ database in order to upgrade it, then it explains why Zambia is not developed. This is a stone-age, lay-man and inefficient way of managing data.

ECZ thinks we are so computer illiterate and dull that we should believe a system upgrade is so complex that a switch over can only happens if people show up physically.

Banks change information systems very often without having to close accounts and asking people to reapply and re-open accounts.

Companies change the accounting systems without have to physically re-input transactions and records.

In this country we once replaced the old passports and we had a transition period where people could still use the old passport until a certain dead line. Just because the pass port office needed to upgrade the passports did not require them to inconvenience people and stop them from travelling. They applied a practical and reasonable transition period.

ECZ can upgrade the voters register without having to re-register all the voters, there is no IT limitations to this. They can configure the system that accepts either the old and new voter’s cards. If it is about giving people new voters cards due to security features, people simply need to swap the old cards with the new ones, without having to re-register.

The reasons forwarded by ECZ are simply ridiculous and disingenuous. They think we are speaking to six year olds.

ECZ are the guilty party who has abrogated the constitution by not giving 18 year olds their right to register as voters since 2016. ECZ were incompetent not to implement continuous registration for 5 years and are now inconveniencing the Zambians due to ECZ’s lack of seriousness. Esau Chulu should have been discharged from his position for failing to implement continuous voter registration. There will certainly be voter registration apathy and this would further worsen voter apathy in 2021 if we start building a new register from scratch.

The only practical and legal approach is to update the current register with new voters. The technology is adequate to allow people to use old voter’s cards or replace it without re-registering. The technology is adequate to carry out a switch over without people having to show up physically.

This is 2020!

Richard W

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