You handled financial crisis well, Khama tells RB

Botswana’s President Seretse Khama Ian Khama has paid tribute to the Zambian Government for the prudent measures it has implored in managing the effects of the Global financial Crisis.

Lieutenant General Khama says that the management the financial recesses which left a number of negative effect on the continent has also been a challenge in his country and that the Government’s excellent Leadership qualities have been demonstrate in this trying period.
General Khama said this when he officially opened the 46th Zambia National Trade Fair in Ndola whose theme is Economic Recovery through innovation and competitiveness.
He says that the efforts that Government has put in place are evident by the rate of economic Growth that the Country has recorded in the last one year.
General Khama has also called on small scale private entrepreneurs to come up with systematic and competitive business initiatives said that the Private Sector is the engine of the economy.
The President also reaffirmed the need for both Southern African states to diversify the economy to reduce dependence of the Governments on copper.
He suggested that there is need to expedite the contracting of the Kazungula Bridge and a direct airline from Gaborone to Lusaka to facilitate for a direct Linkage between the two countries.
He also announced that there has been a great significant of trade activities between the countries which need to be expanded for the mutual benefits of both countries.
Meanwhile General Khama has called for Patriotism in the Politics of the Two countries.
General Khama who described Bostwanas relationship with Zambia as strengthened said that politicians can not afford to patronize one another and watch poor governance and mismanagement of public funds.
He called on politicians to uphold rule of law and successfully carry out the mandate of the people.
And President Rupiah Banda reaffirmed the good relations that exist between the two countries and the his appreciation for General Khama efforts to come and grace the event.
Speaking at the same function Zambia International Trade fair Chairman Festo Musonda challenged the Small scale business entrepreneurs to come up with quality goods and services through the use of new innovations on the Global.
He said Zambia can only favorably compete on the International Scene when it utilizes the new innovations that are been used globally.
He added that this will foster and enhance discoveries and expansion of further advanced innovations.

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