You lost Kaoma squarely, PF told

You lost Kaoma squarely, PF told


By Jeff Mbewe_

The nonsense being propelled by some within PF that, UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema must be worried of the outcome of election results from Kaoma deserve assassination.

Hakainde can’t be worried and should not be worried. He must actually be celebrating given the advantages PF has in these by-elections conveyed by incumbency. The constant pressure, from lack of freedoms to freely campaign in the midst of violence, harassment and intimidations of voters gives the UPND leader enough reasons to celebrate and toast to the victory.

From the PF, what we see recurring is the tendency of the former ruling party, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) where they performed pretty well in almost all by-elections but still kicked the bucket in 2011 during the general elections.

It is shameful to see some people even publicly display their joy of the outcome of the Kaoma elections on the premise of the overused notion that “UPND is losing while PF is gaining in the former’s strongholds”. A loss is a loss no matter how seemingly ‘sublime’ it may appear.

How can some of these people even take pragmatism from these elections, when doing so is an injury on themselves? Admitting that they have lost the election to UPND terribly means admitting that they are the wrong chaps in positions to help matter for the party.

On their own, they have no potency to win any election using the structures they themselves formed. Each time there is an election, they want and have to import President Edgar Lungu’s magical charms to help them clutch victory.

But then again, there are no reliable structures in place because, what occupies them is expelling and suspending the same members on the structures. For a very long time, they will rely on President Lungu to serve and save them.

We have been on this path several times before. During the build up to the 2016 elections, the PF won several by-elections in UPND strongholds but lost them terribly in the preceding general election. Equally, MMD won almost all by-elections prior to 2011 but still lost the general election.

Even if we take their own analysis as true, that “UPND is losing while PF is gaining in the former’s strongholds”, it is very ironic and strange that they have eliminated from their misleading school of thought, the outcome of the Roan Constituency by-elections. What do they have to say about losing your own constituency to someone they say has no influence and overrates himself? Just in Petauke in the bedroom of the President, the party lost an election. What do they have to say about all that?

A loss is a loss even with one vote. The mentality of burying your heads in the sand in the fashion of an ostrich is taking you nowhere. It is hypocrisy at its best perpetuated by little minded and egocentric characters who are making the party blinded from the reality of a possibility of losing power to UPND in 2021.

*[Disclaimer:This article is solemnly an opinion of the author who is merely a sympathizer of the party, the Patriotic Front (PF).Therefore, anyone who disagrees with it is free to offer their own opinion anywhere without necessarily responding to the author.]*

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