You signed an MOU with Sudanese party vice-president who is Janjawed- UPND tells Kabimba

14th November, 2013

Mr. Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba
Secretary General
Patriotic Front (PF)
P. O. Box 33965

Dear Sir,


I write to seek your indulgence in the above captioned subject matter of national importance.

On the 5th of May, 2012, the Saturday Post carried a story entitled, ‘PF secures Sudanese Scholarships for cadres’. The article stated that the Patriotic Front had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sudanese ruling National Congress Party. According to the article, part of the signed MOU reads as follows, ‘The signatories further agreed to stand up against any external force intending to destabilize the peace and or stability of any of the two nations or nationals…’ The Saturday Post further states that the signatories to the MOU include yourself on behalf of the PF and Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie on behalf of the Sudanese ruling National Congress Party.

From the foregoing, the following questions beg for serious answers if we as a nation are to address the issue of political violence.

1 What is the rationale of P.F. signing an MOU with a party headed by Omar al-Bashir, a controversial figure worldwide who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur?

2 How are P.F. cadres together with NCP cadres of Sudan to ‘stand up against any external force intending to destabilize the peace and or stability of any of the two nations or nationals’ without use of weapons or military training? Does’nt this suggest the recruitment and mobilization of militia? It is a fact that national security against external aggression is the role of the Zambian defense forces.

3 Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie who is a signatory on behalf of the ruling party in Sudan NCP, is a dark evil character that a Christian nation like ours should avoid by all means. Remember the adage, ‘birds of the same feathers flock together’. A quick look at the internet reveals the following about Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie :-

(i) According to the Office of the Prosecutor’s application for the first I.C.C. arrest warrant for Bashir for crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur, “Many senior members of Al Bashir’s Government participated in recruiting and mobilizing Militia/Janjawed – including NCP Vice President Nafie Ali Nafie”.

(ii) According to information available on cyberspace, Nafie Ali Nafie is a known terrorist and the architect of state sponsored terror in Sudan and an accomplice in the assassination attempt of then Egypt’s President Mubarak.

(iii) A United States congressman Frank R Wolf writing to President Barak Obama on 9th May, 2013 said the following about Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie ‘Nafie masterminded a savage campaign of torture and killing in compounds known as ghost houses…. Thousands of people were tortured and hundreds disappeared in a campaign that saw the annihilation of voices of dissent’.

From the above, I am of the inescapable conclusion that the violence that has been unleashed by Patriotic Front cadres on political opponents, Church leaders and recently on fellow P.F. members is a product of the so called MOU signed between P.F. and NCP of Sudan. Sadly, national security and stability are now under serious threat from a severe attack of Dogs of Terror, which has resulted in a number of deaths.

I challenge you, therefore, to sanitize yourself and your party from the filth of political violence by publicly breaking your evil association with NCP of Sudan, President Omar Al Bashir and his protégée Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie. Dogs of terror are those PF cadres wielding matchets and carrying knockberries, trained to flex muscles without thinking and hired to carry out party sponsored violence against those with divergent views.

On behalf of UPND, I demand that you put a stop to this violence. I have attached the materials I have quoted for ease of reference.

I await for your response.

Yours faithfully,

Kuchunga E Simusamba

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