You were all cheated by Mr. Sata, but make no mistake he’s not yet done with you

Truth be told that Zambia’s democratic and economical gains of the last 10 years or so have now suffered a severe blow under the PF government and there are no signs things will be any better.

As was predicted by the Zambian watchdog when Mr. Sata won elections, the biggest beneficiaries of the 2011 election victory are police cells and prisons, and the number is still increasing.

When we first warned PF supporters and main backers that Mr. Sata is dictator who will go for his known opponents and later start combing his own house and treat everyone with suspicion and have them arrested, we were as usual labeled bitter, jealous, and all sorts of criminals that only deserve to be in jail.

Can you imagine even for a second today and ask yourself as to who would have surely thought Fr. Frank Bwalya would be in police custody for merely doing a small fraction of what he did in denouncing former president Rupiah Banda and yet he never received such treatment?

Can you imagine big PF brains and vocals like Kabwata MP Given Lubinda, with all the noise he made in building PF would today be banished and actually label a mere traitor, a job seeker, who can never be trusted by Mr. Sata for even a District Commissioner’s job, but the likes of Silvia Masebo who called Sata all sorts of names before can be enjoying top soup?

Mr. Sata first started by highly antagonizing the people of Southern province by the evil schemes of shifting some economically powerful districts that house key infrastructure such as power utility generation firms to Lusaka and other provinces.

If he had a way, he would have shifted things like the Victoria Falls to other provinces we wont mention and when people there complained, they were labeled all sorts of names including insults such as Bantustans by Fred Mmembe at the Post newspaper, and the rest of country were mute. A fake group called Tongas whatever was even created and accused of wanting to over-throw his government and also wanting to eliminate people from certain ethnic region. No one has been arrested to date over that fake group.

Alas, it never took long before Mr. Sata started antagonizing the provinces that had actually given him very unlikely, but key votes such as Western province. Using his own mouth, with George Chellar as the Post reporter Mr. Sata promised, to give them and honour the Barotse Agreement come what may within 90 days of assuming office.

Records are all over, and within 90 days means he would have done it within 2 days actually without even appointing and wasting money on a Commission of Enquiry because people believed, the close to 80 year old adult can never be expected to be such a liar, a cheat and that he knew what he was talking about.

And yes, he rewarded them with prison, intimidation, threats, and all sorts including insulting their king Litunga. Today as we speak, the entire Western province is a semi-prison. People there can longer do their activities freely for fear of being in actual police custody. Those people that danced whole night celebrating his victory are now all prisoners in their own land.

At that time, the likes of then Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) were still celebrating and became part of the oppressive threats to sort out Lozis. But little did GBM and those close to Sata realize and ever think the snake, true to its character, would end-up in their house sooner than later.

Today Mr. Sata is in GBM’s household. A close ally who probably financed and supported Mr. Sata more than the entire PF and Post newspaper would ever come near.

When Mr. Sata was arrested and questioned by Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) on where he got cash in US dollars to purchase brand new Isuzu Motor vehicles, GBM put his neck on chopping board and claimed he had given him the money. This was a clear case of money laundering and thank God somehow RB was not that vindictive on political opponents and the case died a natural death.

Today barely two years in office, the same GBM is a potential jail bed from his close friend and relative he helped so much because that is how a snake behaves. When it is done with enemies, it hunts inside the house.

As we speak, the entire Northern province that gave Mr. Sata close to 100 percent electoral victory is probably nothing but another prison full of policemen and other security wings to arrest anybody that dare Mr. Sata over his desire to impose his Headman as the new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu. GBM or indeed any of the Bemba speaking people never thought a day would come when there would be such a stand-off especially with someone they regarded as one of their own.

Today mealie meal prices are at their highest, fuel prices are at the highest, beer prices are at the highest, talk-time at its highest, the Kwacha at its worthless, inflation is going up, civil society organisations that supported Mr. Sata are crying over the constitution, Catholic Church institutions such as radio stations like Radio Mano in Kasama that supported Mr. Sata are hunting grounds for the snake now arresting people in these places, virtually every corner of the country is crying.

Yes you were all cheated. Yes you can pray for the better in churches and all sorts of places, but make no mistake with your prayers, the snake is not done yet. He still has a few more years to wonder around. Even the likes of Fred Mmembe and others who think they are still close to Mr. Sata now, we can only wish you the best but we hope you have somewhere to hide.
See details next time as we look at the possible way-out of this mess, especially in the right of selfish opposition politicians that seem not wanting to work together for the bigger picture.

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