You will lose Luena, Katele tells Milupi

MMD National Secretary Katele Kalumba has told former Luena MP Charles Milupi that he will certainly lose the parliamentary seat when the bye-election is called.

Kalumba wondered why Milupi decided to resign as MP when he knew that there were bigger parties that would easily get the seat from him.

Kalumba said that Milupi’s newly formed party can not compete with organised ‘parties such as the UPND and MMD,’

He said Milupi will lose the seat to the MMD.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog has been informed that the UPND is already campaigining in Luena.

A contact close to the party presidency has disclosed that two former MPs in the province were assigned to do the ground work a long time.

The source said that the party has been monitoring Milupi’s activities and knew that he would quit.

The source claimed that even when the party was battling in Mufumbwe, the two named ex-MPs were stationed in Luena and that the  day Milupi openly resigned, extra man power was dispatched.

Another fierce battle is ecxpected between the MMD and UPND/PF pact in Luena.

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