You will over come

You will over come


By Waziona Nkhwekwe,

Reflections on a birthday in jail – The case of President Hichilema.
May I begin by wishing you a happy belated birthday Mr President.

This morning around 05, I was doing my usual road run. Coming from the opposite direction was a group of a half dozen men doing their morning road run. As we passed each other one of them shouted ” well done big man!”

As a person who recently started the morning jogging routine, I was encouraged by these men. I was encouraged because it was clear that they had been jogging for years and therefore , where battled hardened physical fitness enthusiasts.

President Hichilema, your courage, resilience, fortitude and calmness, under brutal, inhuman and unusual treatment is without equal.

There is no alternative to courage Mr. President. Cowards die a thousand times before their time. Cowards lead soulless empty lives. A life without hope and values. A life devoid of humanity.

History has taught us that it is impossible to imprison a free soul. I have no iota of doubt in my mind that you will keep the faith Mr President.

And like all courageous leaders before you. You shall indeed



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